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What we’re about

Wishing all our amazing artists a cheerful and prosperous New Year! While we're taking a brief pause on our art classes at the Bellville Library this year, it's only a temporary setback. We're on the lookout for an exciting new location to bring you even more creativity and inspiration!

If any of you have leads on potential venues, we'd love to hear from you! Just drop us a direct message. In the meantime, we're exploring some fantastic options, including the possibility of hosting monthly classes with extended sessions and longer poses—perhaps over a weekend…

Stay tuned for updates, we'll be sharing more details soon.

While our weekly classes are taking a short break, we're open for event bookings! Imagine having a blast with life drawing at your bridal showers, art retreats, team-building events, private parties, or celebrations. The canvas is open to possibilities, and we're here to make it unforgettable. Feel free to reach out for more information.

Let's make 2024 a year filled with even more creativity and vibrant artistic adventures! 🎨✨

Feel free to contact us: 📧 or Monique on 079 490 4551