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This our brand-new community engagements page for LassondePD at York University (Including The BlockchainHub (http://www.theblockchainhub.org), A.I.Hive (http://aihive.org), & Centre for Cyber Resilience (http://www.thecyberresilience.org))

This group is to raise the awareness and understanding of the general public on emerging technologies, and its impact on our everyday lives.

As a member of our community, members benefit from attending variety of events and workshops (free/paid) and access to a network of technology professionals, consists of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, engineers , investors & corporate executives.

"Looking forward to exploring the world of technology together.”

This group encompasses in its members the graduates of post-graduate certification programs at The BlockchainHub (http://www.theblockchainhub.com) , AiHive (http://AiHive.org) and Centre for Cyber Resilience (http://www.thecyberresiliece.org) at Lassonde School of Engineering, York University.

Disclaimer: Our meetup group is driven by a community of passionate Blockchain & AI enthusiasts discussing the future of technologies and businesses. However, Lassonde School of Engineering and The BlockchainHub, AiHive, or Centre for Cyber Resilience can not be held responsible for any technical or business claims made by members of our community.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact omid@lassondepd.ca

Upcoming events (5+)

Free Workshop:How to choose the right blockchain solution(PublicVS.Permissioned)

Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

Please register through eventbrite to secure your seat: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-workshop-how-to-choose-the-right-blockchain-solutionpublic-vs-permissioned-tickets-60281987046 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As part of Toronto Blockchain Week, The BlockchainHub (LassondePD, York University) is bringing to you a night of presentation and debate centered around the different use cases to consider in 2019 for permissioned and permissionless Blockchain. We will cover the following: -Hyperledger -Crypto-Economy -Tokenomics and more... Stay tuned for the full agenda coming soon... Agenda: Presenter#1: Tarun Sharma Topic: Hyperledger Permissioned Blockchain for HealthCare Description: Hyperledger implementation in healthcare verticals and its complex challenges around healthcare data laws. Presenter#2: Leonard Edwin Topic: Digital & Sovereign Identity Models & Frameworks (Permissioned and Permissionless Blockchains) Description: Self-Sovereign Identity is the concept that people and businesses can store their own identity data (in PRIVATE WALLETS) on their own devices, and provide it efficiently to those who need to validate it, without relying on a central repository of identity data. Digital and Decentralized Identity enterprise Solutions are generally built atop public/private key-pair ceremonies - and securely stored in the solution’s Enterprise WALLET (current version of Hyperledger INDY). Frameworks and protocols include ZERO KNOWLEDGE PROOFS using zk-SNARKs protocol and Decentralized Identifiers (DID) that are fully under the control of the DID subject and independent from any centralized registry, identity provider, or certificate authority. Presenter#3: Mukul Pal Topic: Crypto-Economy & Behavioral Finance Description: Crypto Economy is the new emerging alternative asset which is set to grow. However, investors have the same behavioral biases that they suffer from while investing in other legacy world assets. Success in crypto economy requires an understanding of Alternatives and a conscious effort to overcome behavioral biases. Presenter#4: Brad Kirby Topic: Crypto-Economy & Game Theory + Incentivization Mechanisms Description: The study of Game Theory was invented in 1944 and plays an extremely crucial role in Cryptoeconomics. Its importance is often overlooked. The average person will attribute Game Theory to the well-known example of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, popularized in the movie A Beautiful Mind, which covers John Nash’s contributions to Game Theory that ultimately earned him a Nobel Prize in Economics. Extending game theory to computer science, we will explain why Nash’s equilibrium does not hold up. We will explore how the solution to a different dilemma - the Byzantine generals problem – forms the backbone of the Bitcoin consensus algorithm, while exploring the other major consensus algorithms that exist in cryptoeconomics today. Finally, we will look at the various incentive mechanisms that are introduced as part of consensus algorithms to strengthen the cryptography used in practice today. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Participants have the chance to learn, network with the industry experts and earn One Professional Development Credit offers by LassondePD , York University (www.lassondepd.ca).

Live Webinar: Enabling Data Privacy, GDPR, with Decentralized AI

Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

Do you trust the applications that you use on a daily basis to keep you data secure? Do you have any insurance that the companies you are dealing with are transparent when it comes to your private data? Do you trust the AI Algorithms that collect, mine, and sell your data in realtime? Enter the world of trust-less Data/AI enabled by cryptography and blockchain! The future of Data Privacy and AI is on the Blockchain... We all need to know how that works. Whether you are an executive trying to explore the opportunities in AI & Blockchain, or you are a professional looking to acquire the skills and certification to become job-ready in such an exciting domain, or whether you are an end user concerned about your privacy and data security... this webinar is definitely for you. In this webinar, we will explore the data privacy challenges and some of the design patterns to to help organizations solve the "data/privacy governance" problems. See you there! Speakers: Nasser Rahal Nasser Rahal has over 20 years of experience working in international technology transformation and management. Throughout his career he has built a reputation as an innovative and charismatic leader who understands how to build, manage, and scale global delivery teams. His primary expertise lies in the ability to both build new organizations from the ground up and to digitally transform legacy businesses. Please register at Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/e/live-webinar-enabling-data-privacy-gdpr-with-decentralized-ai-tickets-59957794377

Panel Discussion:How to design a marketing strategy for a blockchain startup/SME

Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

In collaboration with Toronto Blockchain Week (TBW), The BlockchainHub (LassondePD , York University) offers this exclusive panel discussion on Designing Marketing Strategy for Blockchain Startups/SMEs. During the event, Leading Blockchain Marketing Experts share their experience on design & implementation of a successful marketing strategy for Startups/SMEs, followed by Q&A and a networking session. Panelists: -Emma Todd, Founder & CEO, MMH Blockchain Group -Karla Vilhelem, Director of Marketing, Shyft Network -Shelby Pearce, Marketing Manager, Skrumble -Richa Vajpeyi, Founder, ALKYD Inc. .....More panelists to be announced. Participants have the chance to learn, network with the industry experts and earn One Professional Development Credit offers by LassondePD , York University. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Please register through eventbrite to secure your free seat: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/panel-discussion-how-to-design-a-marketing-strategy-for-a-blockchain-startupsme-tickets-60126223152

LassondePD International Blockchain-AI Case competition

Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

This is an online application deadline (Not an actual meetup) for International Blockchain-AI Case Competition, Interested individuals/teams are required to apply through the event website: www.lassondepd.ca/bdi ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description Blockchain technology and AI have been lately making headlines with more enterprises exploring the ways they can leverage these two technologies to enable the next revolution. There has never been a better time to consider the convergence of both the decentralized ledger and the brain of the Internet. As part of the Toronto Blockchain Week, The BlockchainHub at Lassonde School of Engineering and the Creative Destruction Lab at the Rotman School of Management are organizing the international Blockchain-AI case competition. Toronto has been a hotbed of both technologies with leading projects, researches and startups that have been recognized internationally, this case competition comes to confirm this position. So if you are creative, visionary, passionate and ambitious individuals or team with an idea combining both technologies, we would like to hear from you. What we have to offer? 1-The Creative Destruction Lab will offer an advancement to the interview stage of its 10 month Blockchain-AI incubator. 2-Founders in the BcAI program participate in a two-week intensive bootcamp on Crypto Economics and Market Design conducted by leading economists and have access to up to USD 100,000 in startup capital from leading venture capital firms (Data Collective, Bloomberg Beta, Portag3 Ventures and Globalive Technology). 3-The BlockchainHub will offer free access to Blockchain and AI programs at Lassonde Professional Development - York University. Founders will also get access to free mentorship offered by The BlockchainHub peer-to-peer community-based​ incubation program (C-Lab) as well as access to free space at the Bergeron Centre of Engineering Excellence and IBM headquarter in Markham. Evaluation criteria? Level of innovation and originality of the idea. Team and founders Positive impact Commitment to the two weeks boot camp and five in-person objective setting meetings in Toronto (International founders are strongly encouraged to relocate to Toronto, Canada in order to take advantage of the Incubator Stream features). Application process? Step 1 : Online application (Deadline: April 26th 2019). Step 2 : Preselection and projects presentations/interviews (April 28th 2019). Step 3 : Pitch competition and final selection (Mid-May, exact date to be announced). This event is for the preselection and project presentations. Interested teams should apply at www.lassondepd.ca/bdi For more information, please contact Mohamed EL KANDRI (The case competition lead) at [masked]

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Free Machine learning Workshop

Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

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