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This our brand-new community engagements page for the technology initiatives at Lassonde School of Engineering at York University (Including The BlockchainHub (http://www.theblockchainhub.org), A.I.Hive (http://aihive.org), & Centre for Cyber Resilience (http://www.thecyberresilience.org) at Lassonde Professional Development Centre, Lassonde School of Engineering,York University.

This group is to raise the awareness and understanding of the general public on emerging technologies, and its impact on our everyday lives.

As a member of a knowledge exchange hub, our community members benefit from attending variety of events and workshops (free/paid) and access to a network of technology professionals, consists of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, engineers , investors & corporate executives.
"Looking forward to exploring the world of technology together.”

This group encompasses in its members the graduates of post-graduate certification programs at The BlockchainHub (http://www.theblockchainhub.com) , AiHive (http://AiHive.org) and Centre for Cyber Resilience (http://www.thecyberresiliece.org) at Lassonde School of Engineering, York University.

Disclaimer: Our meetup group is driven by a community of passionate Blockchain & AI enthusiasts discussing the future of technologies and businesses. However, Lassonde School of Engineering and The BlockchainHub, AiHive, or Centre for Cyber Resilience can not be held responsible for any technical or business claims made by members of our community.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact omid@lassondepd.ca

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Technology Certification Programs at York University- LPD Centre Open House

Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

Join us for our Open House at Lassonde Professional Development Centre (LPD) at Lassonde School of Engineering at York University. The purpose of our Open House is for you to get a better understanding of the programs we offer. LPD offers post-graduate / Professional Development Certification programs (Non-degree programs). Our courses are characterized by high professional standards, expert instructors from academia and industry and immersive learning environments. You’ll have the opportunity to see the facilities that you’ll be learning in, and you’ll meet some of the instructors that you’ll be learning from. Here are more exciting reasons to attend the event! Talk to our expert panel Observe exceptional workshops Careers in Blockchain Technology Careers in Cybersecurity: Caeers in Artificial Intelligence Tour our leading-edge facilities This is an event you won't want to miss!

Cloud at Scale: The Foundations

Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

LPD offers courses to create lifelong learning opportunities to help professionals develop and deploy new technologies and business models. We are pleased to present a new course offering, ‘Cloud at Scale: The Foundations’. As large organizations begin to adopt the public cloud, disruption of their existing organizational structure and roles is inevitable. Organizations that are able to embrace this change alongside the technology are generally those that are able to experience success of a cloud transformation programs. By 2020, over 90 per cent of global enterprises will adopt multi-cloud platforms. This course will take you through a journey of topics about utilizing public cloud services at scale. Learn and become a trusted cloud advisor by knowing more about the prominent cloud providers, industry proven enterprise cloud strategies and best practices in designing cloud ready architecture Join Sourced Group to hear about our approach to building a multi-cloud strategy, including the main points to consider, some examples of the journeys we've taken with our clients, and some of the lessons we've learned along the way. If you are interested in embarking on a cloud journey, or have just started, then this Meetup is for you! Agenda: 1. Introduction to Cloud at Scale - What is the public Cloud? - Evolution of cloud - Overview of the major cloud providers - Cloud at Scale Overview: An enterprise cloud strategy - Future and trends of the public cloud - How do I get started? 2. Question and answer period 3. Networking This meetup will feature presentations by Jonathan Spinks, CEO, Sourced Group, and Chris Sandico, Client Success Manager, Sourced Group. Additionally, members of Sourced Group will be in attendance to answer technical questions from the audience. Sourced Group is a global cloud consultancy that helps enterprises make the most of cloud services with a focus on security, governance and compliance. We provide advisory and professional services for securing, migrating and managing the cloud infrastructure of large enterprise customers in highly-regulated industries. By utilizing our proven deployment frameworks, managed services, and trusted design patterns, we have worked with the largest and most security conscious organizations to unlock innovation through cloud computing. If you have any questions please email [masked]

Machine learning Systems

Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

Join us on this hot topic on Machine learning. Topics include supervised learning and unsupervised learning. What's the difference and why it's important to understand them Speaker: TBA

Live Webinar: Enabling Data Privacy, GDPR, with Decentralized AI

Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

Speakers: Nasser Rahal Nasser Rahal has over 20 years of experience working in international technology transformation and management. Throughout his career he has built a reputation as an innovative and charismatic leader who understands how to build, manage, and scale global delivery teams. His primary expertise lies in the ability to both build new organizations from the ground up and to digitally transform legacy businesses.

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Designing Consumer AI Experiences

Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence

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