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#5: Galaxy Zoo and word2vec

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How to get to the location

The entrance is on Charlottenstr.
Enter the building through a big gate. Someone should be there to open the gate for you. If there's noone there, please call this number: +49 151 2812 8966.

Once inside, you must go to MS Ventures which is on the 5th floor. There is another door upstairs; again someone will be (hopefully) there to open it up for you.

Our schedule for this time:

1. Classifying galaxies with deep learning (Sander Dieleman (, 45min)

Deep learning has become a very popular approach for solving computer vision problems in recent years, with record-breaking results in object classification and detection. In this talk we'll explore a different but related application: galaxy morphology prediction. By automatically classifying galaxies based on their shape, astronomers can come to new insights about their origin and their distribution in space. We'll take a closer look at the convolutional neural network that won the Galaxy Zoo Challenge on Kaggle.

2. Italian street food by Jamme Ja (, and drinks (thanks Zanox and DSR)

3. word2vec (Benjamin Wilson, 45min)

This talk will include:

• an overview of the CBOW and skip-gram architectures,

• a description of hierarchical softmax and negative sampling, in understandable terms

• an explanation the "additive compositionality" of the resulting vectors, i.e. why it's not so surprising that vec['france'] - vec['paris'] = vec['germany'] - vec['berlin']

• a quick overview of how to use the available implementation + perhaps some fun applications.

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Have an interesting topic you want to talk about?

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