Solving Real World Problems via ML - 8 Apr 2021

Berlin Meetup for Analytical Minds
Berlin Meetup for Analytical Minds
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We will have 3 experts from across the community to speak about their particular application of machine learning methods and the challenges they currently face. This is a great opportunity to learn about new fields where similar methods are applied to solve different problems and at the same time, contribute your ideas on how some of the problems stated in each presentation can be tackled. Each talk is scheduled to be 15 mins followed by a 5 mins Q&A session: - Large Scale Pricing & Forecasting by Tofigh Naghibi, Principal Data Scientist at Zalando SE - ML-Boosted Credit Underwriting by Javier Munarriz, Analytics and Data Science Manager at Klarna - Machine Learning in Real Estate by Mitch Gooding, Data Scientist at Beekin

Note: To ensure you can enjoy the event without any issues, please join by 6 pm CET.