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Haskell Wednesday (Mogensen-Scott encoding, Graphs)

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Matthias H.


Alexander Gerasimov
Encoding Data Types as Functions

Mogensen–Scott encoding allows representation of algebraic data types in untyped lambda calculus. Similar to Church encoding, it can be used to regard lambda functions as data and therefore defines an embedded metaprogramming "language".

This talk explores the encoding of several familiar data types, definition of some standard operations for these types and several curiosities arising therefrom.

Graphs in Functional Programming

Graphs are a fundamental data structure in computer science and plenty of literature that describes efficient imperative algorithms is available. But is it possible to write elegant and efficient graph algorithms using pure functional programming?

Afterwards, anything goes. Whether you

• have a question,

• want to discuss a topic (advanced or not),

• need help or feedback on your current project

• or just like to have a nice chat and share your knowledge,

here you have the opportunity to do so with other people interested in Haskell and functional programming.

Next time, you could be giving a talk. It does not have to be long (10 to 20 minutes are perfect), the content does not have to be super complex or advanced. Just try it and we are happy to help and provide feedback.

If you are thinking about giving a talk, just drop a comment or send a message to the organizers and we will be happy to help with the details.
Feurigstr. 59 · Berlin
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