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Berlin UXD No. 14 - As designers, we love solving problems that we can relate to. But empathy is much harder to gain when building for business users. Oftentimes, their needs are very complex and opinions about desired solutions are very strong. No doubts, it is both an ambitious and difficult job to design B2B experience.

At the 14th event of Berlin UXD, we will explore challenges of B2B product development and learn hands-on techniques for building kick-ass experiences for business users. For the talks, we have invited speakers that know exactly how to approach it, they will share their learnings in 20-25 mins long talks:

*Flávio Bezerra, Senior Experience Designer @ BCG DV, and Ella Yuna Jeong, Experience Designer @ BCG DV: Open journal on B2B product design

In this talk, Ella and Flávio will share their learnings about building B2B products. They will go through experiences gathered by them while doing user research and branding in that environment.

*Herbert Heitmann, Senior Designer @ FJORD, Design and Innovation from Accenture Interactive: Building agreements - Lessons in the politics of B2B projects

B2B projects tend to reside close to the chest for those creating them, as they many times touch and reflect aspects of internal business practices. This self-reflection may lead to great difficulties for stakeholders in making choices for the project, resulting in a lot of time spent building a case to convince them of their own ideas, instead of developing the project itself.

Herbert believes that pinpointing the roots for this to happen and addressing them quickly can save a lot of grief and time. He will introduce his learnings on how to enable better final collaboration between clients and designers.

*Yury Vedenin, founder @ UXPressia: Creating empathy maps, customer journeys, and personas in a business context

In his talk, Yury will introduce a handful of tips and best practices of using familiar design methodologies in a complex business environment. He will share his learnings from 7 years of consulting various enterprises on how to level up their game at bringing a customer-centric approach to building solutions for businesses.

*** Our host, Signavio, operates a portfolio of tools for digital transformation. Their solutions for process management helps 1,200 businesses adapt to change and leverage the wisdom of their employees. Signavio will welcome design enthusiasts in their cozy office in Charlottenburg and provide the guests with some food and drinks. ***

Doors open at 7pm, the event starts at 7.15pm. Unfortunately, there will be no video live stream. As usual, we will have an open mic, so feel free to bring any projects, open roles or other topics that you want to share with the rest of the community.

We're looking forward to another inspiring night with you!

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