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Are you a social, active adult wanting to make new friends and have fun, but are tired of the endless stream of alcohol fueled happy hours offered by the other big-box groups? You've come to exactly the right place. Something Besides Bars was started in early 2014 as a group designed for socially active and adventurous 20-50+ something singles and couples who would rather focus on fun, not booze, to have a good time. Several friends and I kept asking ourselves "Is there something besides bars to do on a Friday or Saturday night?" We noticed there were very few, if any, activities that were not centered around bars, nightclubs, happy hours (oxymoron) and drinking. Finally, I decided to take action: SBB is the result!

Caveat: SOMETHING BESIDES BARS IS NOT A NON-DRINKING GROUP. More succinctly: SBB is focused on fun, not drink. Be advised that many of our members do drink on occasion and some more frequently. However, we also have quite a few folks who are recovering, sober and/ or in AA. We welcome you all with open arms and you will all have a great time. We have never had a problem in the 100+ events to this date.

You have several choices of Meet Up groups to help you fill your social calendar, but NONE will offer you the wide variety of events like SBB. During our first year, we have dined, hung out, played games, sledded, trampolined, mini-golfed, fought dart battles, bowled, hiked, roller skated, sang, worked out, played Pickleball, enjoyed roller derby, table tennis and even whitewater tubed---twice! With much more on the horizon. While we are not an official dating/ singles group, part of our mission is to create an easy going atmosphere for folks to meet. There are way too many single people out here in their 40's and 50's and it's unnecessary. If boy meets girl or girl meets boy and sparks happen to fly, we're not gonna stop you. Hey, we know... it's VERY intimidating to walk in a noisy, crowded bar w/ 150- 200 sweaty, inebriated strangers. It's very uncomfortable for the individual and makes for a very unpleasant evening.

Into 2016, SBB is going to continue to roll out a high octane series of varied and fun adventures and activities. We're talking Banjo Billy Bus tours, White Fence Farm dinner, escape houses, music and concert events, Raptors Rugby, hiking, camping, 60's sitcoms night and BAKA (that one's a surprise). We're also going to bolster our summer/ warm weather schedule. Lakeside Amusement park, picnics, BBQ's, HIKES, camping, 14r's, disk and anything else that looks fun and strikes our fancy! Like, tubing!

We will ALWAYS try hard to make events accessible, affordable, geographically equitable, and even family and dog friendly where possible. We will focus on metro Denver with occasional forays to Boulder, Golden, the foothills, Highlands Ranch and other areas. "For profit" events and special interests, such as the Speed Dating and annoying "Pay to Play"events offered by other groups, will never be part of the SBB curriculum.

We are totally stoked about our group. Finally, an opportunity to engage and socialize without all the booze and the discomfort of huge groups. Remember: The success of this group depends on you and your participation. Suggestions for meetup activities are encouraged as are meet up organizers to run specific events. C’mon…hit that JOIN US button and start having a blast! Welcome!

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