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The purpose of our group is to bring together individuals who would like to grow to a higher level of personal awareness and evolve to a new level of consciousness. A sacred space is created which we hold for each other through honoring all who attend. In this setting different skills, techniques, learnings and messages a uniquely personal process unfolds where we begin to remove the filters we have created. The various fear based beliefs dissolve and we free ourselves. The truth of who we are becomes clearer and clearer, we perceive our Oneness with all life and creation, living in happiness as pure Divine Love Beings.

There are many different classes available to help us achieve this clarity. Each one utilizes different tools, and teaches different techniques yet what flows through all is the consciousness of Love and Unity of One-ness.

One the events page you'll find a variety of offerings from:

• Channeled Spiritual Guided Meditation Nights w/Heart Resonance and Angel Sounding

• Heart Resonance classes whether for personal (self, family, pets, plants, and environment) or to offer professional sessions as an HR practitioner, you can develop and increase your intuition, consciousness, health & happiness

•Circle of Intent & heart mindfulness

•The Power of Sound where you can learn how to balance the body and physical space through toning

• Crystal Workshops for Beginners• •

All events are posted on this Meetup.

About the Organizer-Susan Turner CHt, CBHt, Founder of ASH program

Specialties: Ericksonian & Parts Therapy, 5-5-5 Coaching & Heart Resonance

I am a heart centered clinical hypnotherapist using client focused techniques to help clients uncover and rediscover their own inner resources. I draw upon my trainings and your vast subconscious/ super- conscious of abilities and capabilities, to overcome barriers and find permanent solutions that serve the client's highest good.

Through the years, I noticed the need for much deeper training in the area of Spirit & Soul work - Spiritual hypnotherapy. The ASH program was to help more clients by teaching other hypnotherapists the skills and techniques I had learned along my spiritual path.

I also provide private Soul sessions including: Angel & Guides Sessions, Akashic Records, Medicine Wheel, Alternate (Past) Life other approaches to healing.

On the faculty of Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts & Science, Susan continues to teach in both the full time and part time programs while maintaining a private hypnotherapy practice. She is a Heart Resonance level 4 teacher.

Her focus is to help you find ways to bring more happiness, health and success into your life.

Whether it is in group or private sessions Susan is known for her caring, warmth and humour.

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