What we're about

We are light chasers, people who look for the best light to create art and memories. In other words: we love photography.

Beyond the lens goes beyond the equipment you own. We realize that gear is good but knowledge of how to use it and to make the best with what you have is better.

We love to gather, so we try to organize field trips, lectures and workshops as often as our personal time allows us.

Whether you like to photograph people, landscape, macro or anything else in your field of interest we welcome you to the group to learn and grow with us.

We do need to know a little about you to make sure we plan better classes, so we ask a few questions so we can plan better and communicate with you.

Classes about lighting, flashes, camera, techniques, and field trips – we do them all! And we look forward to hearing your suggestions!

I hope you join us and enjoy making new friends and being around people who love photography as much as you do.

Simone Severo


Upcoming events (3)

Field trip - Denver Art Museum - inspiration from Christian Dior

Hello, everybody! This month we have a second field trip, to the Denver Art Museum. You are responsible for your ticket to the museum. I bought my tickets online for me andMike for February 23 at 11:15am. Go fast and buy online as well if you want to join us as they only allow a limited of number of people per hour and the website has a lot SOLD OUT. The link to purchase tickets online is: https://tickets.denverartmuseum.org/Selection.aspx?sch=259713 The goal of this field trip is to get inspiration from fashion for portrait photography. If you photograph people, especially women, this is a good chance to get inspiration from the Christian Dior collection in exhibit at the Denver Art Museum until March[masked]. I am not sure you can take pictures inside, but the point of this meeting is to gather inspiration so it does not matter much. We can talk about photography, art, and anything we want, while enjoying an iconic visit to the museum. We will meet in front of the museum at 9:45am and enjoy the museum until it is our time to go in the private exhibit of Christian Dior. The museum opens at 10AM but my ticket to the DIOR exhibit is 11:15AM. Hope you can join us!! Simone,[masked]

Visions of Light Photographic Exhibition

Tri-Lakes Center For The Arts

Every year the Palmer Divide Photographers organize an art exhibition and make a beautiful open night for the public. This year the first show will be on March 1st, from 6pm to 8 pm, at the Tri-Lakes Art Center in Palmer Lake, CO. Join us in celebration to their beautiful art.

Lighting 101

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Lighting 101 The fee for this class is $ 99. This class is best for people who either know nothing and need to learn about lighting for people or for those who already have a basics and need a refresher to improve your photos. Do you take your photography seriously? Are you frustrated with your images because you are not sure how to make them better? Commit to be a better photographer by registering in a class that will teach you the fundamentals of lighting and take control over your photos. CONTENT: Lighting properties Lighting patterns Harsh light x soft light Natural light x artificial light Continuous light x flash Understanding White balance and color temperature Light modifiers Basic Lighting setups Speedlights x Studio Lights Cheap Lights x Expensive Lights Lighting is your RAW material and in this class I will teach you and show you how to use and manipulate light in all kinds of ways, natural, available, mixed, continuous and flash. This is a basic Lighting 101 class. Bring your camera, your speedlight, if you have one, your trigger and receiver, if you have one. Don't bring everything you have! One camera nd one zoom lens is enough, with your basic speedlight if you have a starter kit as this is a basic Lighting 101. If you don't own any lighting this is still a class for your. This is a lighting class, so you understand about how to use light, not a flash class. I will give plenty of information so you can acquire a basic kit if you are interested in purchasing what works for you. Come with what you have. I will explain pros and cons of equipment so you can make an educated decision when buying new lighting equipment. This is a lecture class style so you can learn about lighting and get prepared for acquiring equipment and assimilating information before you can practice. There will be a model for me to show you lighting properties and lighting placement but this is not a portfolio building class. You will learn about how to use and manipulate light, how to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of lighting, and modifiers how to create basic lighting set ups and much more. Wether you own studio lights/ spedlights or not, this class will change the way you understand light and will help you to improve your photography skills.

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Denver Botanic Gardens Orchid Showcase

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