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What we’re about

Yoga translates from Sanskrit to mean connect. Bhakti translates to devotional love. Bhakti Yoga is thus the practice of connecting through devotional love. The purpose of this group is to gather and educate people on how to devote every aspect and activity of their daily life to this beautiful practice.

If you are searching for a lifestyle that completely encompasses yoga - a yogic life which doesn’t end with your asana class - if you are wanting to experience deep mindfulness and truth from moment to moment, and you wish to gain clarity as to what encompasses spiritual activities versus material activities, this group is for you.

This group is organized and facilitated by Monk Malini Devi Dasi. Monk Malini’s mission is to create a safe place for people to feel received, understood, accepted, and compassionately loved. She is devoted to serving the lineage of her Vaishnav Bhakti spiritual masters.

“Through devotional service, God reveals himself to us.” - Monk Malini

Malini is especially passionate about creating safe and sacred spaces for women; therefore, there are several events designed specifically for women only, which are clearly marked.

Events organized by this group include: philosophical readings and discussions, mindful mantra meditations, kirtan (devotional song), vegetarian/vegan dinner and cooking classes, Q&A sessions about the Bhakti yoga lifestyle, and transformative communication workshops.

Located in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. Events will be held both in person and online.

If you are interested in learning more about Bhakti, we are happy to send you books upon request!

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