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BiCstreet aims to create social networking spaces for today’s diverse global community of professional novices, investors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, hedge fund managers and stock market traders. Our BiCstreet spaces around the world, will bring decentralized financial trading opportunities, investments, professional knowledge exchange, AI, 4thIR, blockchain & crypto currency technology skills transfer, together as a social member club utility.

BiCstreet is where novices and professionals meet to unravel complexities of new paradigms in financial markets and technology, through peer-to-peer social networking and co-trading.

We aim to establish what we infer to colloquially as
“Wall Street Decentralized“
meaning Social Cotrading environments, that are not siloed geeky Coworking environments.

At BiCstreet utility spaces, professional consumers can join as members to meet, learn, cotrade, share and socialize with others interested in discovering blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a new global paradigm.

We want our BiCstreet brand to become the WeWork of social cotrading in friendly communicative and engaging spaces. One of the key strategic objectives of BiCstreet as we strongly believe, is that novice to sophisticated investors and consumers from all walks of life, can substantially benefit from insightful knowledge and experience of their peers.

At our BiCstreet spaces, members will find resources they may need, such as trading tools provided through partners and sponsors, sophisticated trading terminals and access to information, a growing community comprised of like minded peers and a variety of services including crypto and financial co-trading spaces, TED like meetups and conference rooms, professional workshops and options to host corporate events, or your own professional event about almost anything.

Our first BiCstreet opens in the next few months in gorgeous Cape Town, South Africa, the San Francisco of the African Continent. Renovation of our BiCstreet site is progressively underway, partly helped through leverage provided by one of South Africa´s leading banks. Partnership programs with sponsors and public institutions will gradually be developed forthwith.

To unify our dispersed community, BiCstreet will also launch a digital platform for this global initiative. This will function as the online community utility for our members worldwide, through which most users can share knowledge and whereby skill sets can be leveraged and monetized in realtime. BiCstreet as a utility falls in line with increasingly popular social trading formulas, powered by the fintech revolution.

Social trading allows investors to learn and copy investment strategies from their peers and experts with a few mouse clicks. However, humans are still social beings and need to engage in physical environments with others to remain cognitively healthy and mentally balanced, with access to data intelligence and networking.

We think Wall Street can be decentralized to engage both young and older generations for an inclusive future.

Blockchain Company may soon seek to launch an IEO for BiCstreet going forward, only after completing our white paper, token economics and essential R&D for this initiative and value proposition.

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