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There is more to the world than “functional cloud based self learning big data analytic enterprise visualisation dashboards”.

The only meetup focusing on data structures and algorithms, regardless of programming language or application domain.

No marketing speak. No handwaving.

Its easy to loose track of these fundamentals in day to day jobs and given how important they are for code quality and performance its worth giving them some dedicated time. Even if its just to prepare for you next job interview.

Examples of talks:

The Fast Fourier Transform, more useful than you think

Training deep neural networks: complexity analysis

The pumping lemma: Why should you care?

The multi-objective knapsack problem: strategies and applications

Leader election for collaborative drones

Variational inference in Bayesian Networks

Genetic Algorithms in Formula 1 design

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More examples and details here. (

We have a healthy attendance with a good technical crowd. If you'd like to speak about your favourite data structure or algorithm, or if you just have a request for a talk, send an e-mail to the list or get in touch with the organiser.

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