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What we’re about

Are you (or do you feel like) a big thinker in a small thinker's world?  Do you have a vision for your life and/or business that you feel deep within you will change the world?   Do you feel like you have a millionaire/billionaire in the making within you?  Are you a 6-figure/7-figure/8-figure earner who wants to connect with more like-minded people and expand your network?  

This is a group for anyone who wants to connect and be a part of a community of positive, happy, like-minded, heart-centered, fun, big-thinking, friendly, optimistic, encouraging and supportive individuals who want to make dreams come true, by supporting others dreams and also making a difference in this world.  

Think Big - because thinking small is risky!

Fellow professionals both young and young-at-heart, entrepreneurs, renaissance individuals, change makers, game changers, producers, artists, musicians, people on a mission who want to learn how to positively encourage, support each other and make great connections.

Have you had a challenging day or are going through challenging times?  This community can help reinvigorate you to feeling positive again!

Some sample topics we'll learn from featured guest speakers:

Personal Development
• Professional Development  
• Inspiring talks and stories
• Tips and ideas for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs   
• Lifestyle ideas  
• Technology, Computers and Innovations
• Health and Wellness tips    
• Money and Finance Ideas
• Getting to your first 6-figures/million dollars 
• Creativity   
• Using the Law of attraction to benefit areas of your life  
• Dream Discovery sessions    
• Preparing yourself for a great job  
• Starting a Business   
• Building the life you want and love  
• Being Resilient   
• and much, much more!

We'll learn together, share beneficial ideas, inspire each other, have a great time and make new and
meaningful connections who want more out of life.   All while learning and having conversations about creating and living the most wonderful life by design.

* Please remember to honour your RSVP, out of courtesy to the organizers, members and also the venues.  When you say yes, please attend as intended.  If you are not sure, don't click on Yes unless you're 100% sure you will attend.  Also,  You are welcome to join as long as you are willing to be respectful to the other members.  In fact, we want to make it like a family - one that you want to be a part of! We all want to have a good time and learn new things to help encourage each other to go for their dreams and make a difference in this world.  Only great vibes, growth and having the most amazing community ever.

* Note: If you would like to promote something, please contact the organizer first!  It's just good practice, yes?  :)