ETT westside training ride #6 B+,C+/2-3/76.3

Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA)
Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA)
Public group

Mercado San Agustin

100 S. Avenida Del Convento · Tucson, AZ

How to find us

Parking lot across from the Mercado

Location image of event venue


Pace: 16-20mph, with two groups starting together, B+ and C+ 2200' climbing

Traffic will get busy as the morning progresses, lets be alert. Most riding will be on bike lanes along major streets.

This is a training ride that follows the first half of the El tour route, fairly flat with several gentle grades, followed by hills and fast descents. We will not be crossing the Santa Cruz river at Drexel. However, we will be able to see the crossing so you can anticipate the excitement... Hopefully you have been riding at least two times during the week...

There will be no planned regrouping, ride with others of similar pace just like you would during the El Tour. There are many places to find restroom and water stops.

please print your own cue sheet or follow on this link with your mobile device


• Appropriate food & fluids for 3 to 4 hours.

• A tube and a way to inflate it. Make sure your bike is in good mechanical condition to start the ride.

• Helmets must be worn at all times while riding.

• No ear buds! This is a requirement and not a request.

• Obey traffic laws and remember you are a representative of the greater cycling community and should conduct yourself that way on the road.

Please select GABA rides where you are confident that you can ride the posted distance and pace.

GABA Ride Codes:

• A 20+ mph
• B+ 18-20 mph
• B 16-18 mph
• C+ 14-16 mph
• C 12-14 mph
• D 8-12


• 1 Flat
• 2 Minor Hills
• 3 Moderate Hills
• 4 Long Climbs or Very Steep