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There's a new kind of hacker in town - biohacker!

With local chapters now flourishing around the world, the sole purpose of Biohackers Collective (www.biohackerscollective.org) is to bring together like-minded people obsessed with the pursuit of achieving an optimized life and superhuman performance, through biohacking and self-experimentation. We're fully primed for both health fanatics and science nerds alike: So whether you're an edge-seeking CEO, a plugged-in athlete, or an absolute beginner who's just heard of the term, you're more than welcome to come out to exchange ideas, learn or teach something, network face to face, and most of all have a good time at California's newest biohacking group.

Our mission: To unlock the code of human potential, by bridging the gap between the extreme and mainstream, and making the impossible, possible. We provide a setting for multi-disciplinary discussions that go beyond self-quantification, to include the art and science of taking control of your own biology, and changing the environment inside and outside yourself, so you can perform at a level you want across various domains including mental, physical, and spiritual - all while utilizing a combination of bleeding-edge tools & technologies, time-tested strategies and earth grown nutrients.

The Meetups will host presentations, informal group gatherings and company demos. Topics include, but are not limited to:

• Nutrigenomics / Epigenetics

• Sleep enhancement / Tracking

• Fasting / Intermittent / Protein Cycling

• Cryotherapy / Cold Thermogenesis

• Earthing / Grounding

• Mobility / Injury Recovery

• Fringe Technology

• Sensory Deprivation Tanks / Floating

• Bulletproof / 4 Hour Lifestyle

• Nootropics / Smart Drugs / Cognitive Performance

• Flow State / Productivity

• Detoxifying / Healing

• Supplements / Nutraceuticals

• Entheogens / Psychedelics / Cannabis / Plant Medicines

• Fitness / Training / Exercise

• Wearables / Gadgets / Tools / Apps

• Meditation / Neurofeedback / EEG / Hypnosis

• Binaural Beats / Lucid Dreaming

• Consciousness / Altered States

• Heart-rate Variability Training (HRV)

• DNA Sequencing / Blood Analysis

• Lasers / Light Therapy


• Lifehacking / Metalearning / Lifestyle Design

• Diet and Personal Habits / Ketogenic / Paleo

• Superfoods / Juicing

The hype is real. I believe biohacking is the next big thing and has the potential to become a mass phenomenon and health revolution. It covers a current human need that is basically unmet today – the need to know what goes on inside our bodies when we’re eating, drinking, working, and moving.

So do you have a desire to not only rule yourself, but become the perfect version of yourself, gain an unfair advantage in life, maximize results, and supercharge your performance? If the answer is YES then I invite you to attend, participate, and grow with us in building a community around finding out what’s possible with our biology in the 21st century.

So, are you “Bio curious”? .


Get involved:

I've been asked how people can get involved. Here are a few different things you can do to help out. I encourage everyone to join the conversation and let me know what topics you are most interested in, and write me with your recommendations, tips, and observations.

Follow Us - Click “like (https://www.facebook.com/biohackersmeetup/)” on the official Facebook Page to stay in the loop and keep up to date with the hottest news, most badass articles, and sweet tips for maximizing your performance.

Attend and Discuss – Stop by and participate in future meetings. We are actively trying to build our social networks, too. Please provide your Twitter or Facebook handles should you wish to continue the conversation between meetings.

Speak or Present – We are always looking for passionate people to present on relevant topics so please contact me at biohackers.global [ @ ] gmail.com with interest or recommendations.

Venue / Sponsor – Chip in for drinks and snacks at one of our upcoming meetings. Additionally if you have a business, office, lab, or co-working space where you would like to host a meetup, I’d love to hear from you as I’ll always be on the lookout for fresh and interesting venues.

Spread the Word – Know someone who should be a Biohackers Los Angeles member? Send them the meetup page. Feel free to promote the group through any form of social media :)


RSVP early to help us make better meetups

Please Note **

This group is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or relieve the effects of diseases, and we advise you first to talk with your doctor before trying anything....... blah blah blah yada yada yada you know the drill I'm not a doctor I don't pretend to be one so only take this information with a grain of himalayan salt or a couple strips of bacon ;) ...... basically just don't sue me or meetup.com!

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) / Referral Marketing / Network Marketing for Business purposes is prohibited.

Kind regards, and I look forward to seeing you soon in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

"I think the biggest innovations of the twenty-first century will be the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning" – Steve Jobs

This group was built with blood, sweat, and modafinil

Upcoming events (2)

Live Brain Map of Elias at Peak Brain

Peak Brain Institute

This should be fun! The founding director and lead neurotherapist of Peak Brain, Dr. Andrew Hill, is going to do a live Quantitative EEG or “brain mapping” of the organizer of Biohackers Los Angeles, Elias Arjan. Dr. Hill will explain the process of brain mapping and how to use neuroscience to overcome cognitive challenges and meet your peak performance goals. Dr. Hill will also answer your questions on brain fitness, neurofeedback training, mindfulness or anything you else you want to ask in this interactive session. About the Presenter: ANDREW HILL, PHD Dr. Hill is one of the top peak performance coaches in the country. He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA’s Department of Psychology and continues to do research on attention and cognition. Research methodology includes EEG, QEEG, and ERP. He has been practicing neurofeedback since 2003. In addition to founding Peak Brain Institute, Dr. Hill is host of the Head First Podcast with Dr. Hill, Lead Neuroscientist at truBrain, and lectures at UCLA, teaching courses in psychology, neuroscience, and gerontology. Agenda: 12:30 PM Arrival and networking 1:00 PM Brain Mapping and Discussion Begins 2:00 PM Event Ends This event is co-produced with Peak Brain LA and will reach capacity, so please make sure your RSVP is updated to represent your actual attendance.

The 6th Annual Biohacking Conference Powered By Upgrade Labs

Hey Biohackers - we have a discount code for our members who want to attend the Upgrade Labs Biohacking Conference. Follow this link for your discount tickets: https://bizbrain.work/BiohackingConf6 Upgrade XP will feature a series of talks by leaders across a range of fields with an eye on optimizing human performance, recovery, and longevity. Scientists, researchers, medical specialists, and other biohacking experts will share provocative, informative, and inspiring presentations meant to invigorate you. Experience three days of learning and experimenting that are designed to be transformative, exciting, and game-changing. Featuring interactive keynotes, hands-on exhibits, and unique activations, Upgrade XP has been curated to provide an engaging, thought-provoking, and fully immersive experience while pushing the boundaries of what it means to be an upgraded human. Upgrade XP presents an elevated experience that does more than just educate and demonstrate: • Immerse yourself in expert-led keynotes • Explore new ideas in cutting-edge workshops • Level up with Upgrade U master courses and intimate discussion panels • Experience live interactive demonstrations • Access the most disruptive innovators in the industry • Enjoy a daily seated luncheon in a relaxed, congenial setting • Be guests of Dave Asprey & Martin Tobias at exclusive VIP dinners • Kick back with new friends at the Awesome Party! with DJ, & more Read more on the website for this event: https://xp.upgradelabs.com P.S. - Exact start and end times must be confirmed with event organizers. Dates are correct.

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Metabolic Autophagy with Siim Land

Peak Brain Institute

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