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What we’re about

"Aspiring Innovators Amsterdam" is a meetup group that focuses on exploring technology for personal growth and Innovation. Dive into the realms of biohacking, AI, quantified self, cryonics, VR, and more. Be at the forefront of technology's transformative potential.

We want to bring people together to learn, explore, make new friends and, most of all, have fun. If you are new to the topics, please ask and join our meetups.

During the meetups, we give presentations and networking moments. We discuss the latest developments in these areas and share our experiences. We also explore the ethical implications of our work and look for ways to use technology responsibly and safely in our lives.

Join our next meetup and start exploring the possibilities of technology and its use in personal development!

More information about the topics can be found in my magazine:

Also, register at our Discord server, and don't forget to download the app:
iOS or Android. So, you get the notifications on a new message.