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Educational Crypto Blockchain Economics 101

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Vikram N.
Educational Crypto Blockchain Economics 101


let's delve into Bitcoin and its inception as outlined in the 2008 whitepaper, emphasizing its role as the original peer-to-peer electronic cash designed for global use.
Money acts as a medium of economic exchange, extensively employed in transactions for goods and services. Its widespread acceptance facilitates seamless dealings between individuals and nations, promoting trade. Money also serves as store of value, encompassing diverse attributes vital to economic systems.
Now, cryptocurrencies, as modern digital money, significantly enhance the use case with instant settlements, marking a transformative shift in demographics.
The meetup will also include a session dedicated to unlocking the complete capabilities of the non-custodian Zapit crypto wallet. This session will delve into various topics, including instant exchange, peer-to-peer exchange, earning native tokens, securing your wallet seed phrase, and more.

Photo of Crypto & Blockchain Meetup by InstaCrypto group
Crypto & Blockchain Meetup by InstaCrypto
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