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Hi 北京Rubyists, 帮助北京的Ruby新手成长 帮助北京的Ruby公司招聘 帮助创业公司找到合作伙伴 在这里我们可以一起贡献开源项目 研究个人项目和互相切磋 我们欢迎任何水平的rubyist参与我们的活动. 关注 @北京Rubyist http://weibo.com/bjrubyist Why? The Ruby and Rails worlds are known for their collaboration, and 北京Rubyist takes an active role. We focus on fun and collaborate to solve problems. We provide each other support as we take on new challenges in Ruby. How? We also host larger, formal events on a semi-regular basis. We encourage everyone, from Ruby novice to expert, to join us to learn and contribute. We're excited to grow and support the Ruby and Rails communities! Where? Join our mailing list, follow us on 微博, and peruse or submit to our Beijing jobs board.

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