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Blacks United in Leading Technology - Philadelphia is the official, chartered chapter for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of the dynamic, growing, vibrant Blacks United in Leading Technology International non-profit corporation (https://builtinternational.org/).

Our Chapters are operated under the BUILT Forward brand, and there is no charge to attend. Our dues-paying members, in BUILT International, receive extra benefits - mentors, training scholarships, free job postings, speaking & leadership opportunities, and more.

We educate people and seek to increase the representation of Black women and men in technology. It’s proven, enterprises that embrace diversity yield the most innovative solutions. We’re talking about the whole gamut from developers, scientists, digital media specialists, engineers, web masters, technicians, QA folks, social media strategists, cyber-security analysts, online marketing experts, UI/UX artists, recruiters, bloggers, operations staff, project managers – and many, many more technology professionals, students and educators.

We operate in a united fashion with the hundreds of other nonprofits, corporate resource groups, and diversity professionals with whom we share a common mission. Our BUILT Alliance.

We include all races and ethnicities. Non-technologist supporters are welcome in our community. The doors are wide open for those folks who are simply just passionate about all things technical.

Our events are held in-person and virtually, with a winning mix of top tech presentations, entrepreneurial series, more tech presentations, networking events, social justice messaging, collaborations with other aligned groups, career advancement seminars, more tech presentations, and Member’s Only, Reserved and Private Events.

Join us. Share our knowledge. Provide your viewpoints. Let’s explore together how technology is changing the world. Let’s effect Tech Equity, and help ensure technology is inclusive for all.

Upcoming events (4+)

Virtual Speed Networking for BUiLT Members

Network event

Online event

Networking is a key element of BUiLT but recent circumstances have made in-person networking difficult, to say the least. So we are doing Virtual Speed Networking events instead. These unique events will have a maximum of 10 participants (including the moderator) and all participants will get an opportunity to chat it up with every other participant in a 1 on 1 setting.

Here’s how it works. The moderator will give all participants a question to answer then split the participants into 1 on 1 breakout rooms. Participants will have 5 minutes to introduce themselves, tell each other their answer to the question, and just chat. Answering the question is optional but encouraged. After 5 minutes all participants will return to the main lobby where they will get another question and be put in a new breakout room with a different partner.

This will continue for 10 questions, ensuring that all the participants have met at least once in a 1 on 1 setting. After that we will have open networking with 5 breakout rooms available for participants to jump in and out of as they see fit, for the remainder of the time.

Doesn’t that sound fun.

If you want to participate please register on this page. Space is limited and will be given out on a first come first serve basis. Please be sure that you can attend the event prior to registering. We will be doing more events like this in the future and will give priority registration to anyone who registers here but is not able to make the list.

All attendees are expected to follow our event code of conduct & anti-harassment policy found here: https://builtinternational.org/event-code-of-conduct/.

Also, please note that this event is for BUiLT Members ONLY. If you are not a dues-paying member then you cannot attend. But you can learn more about becoming a member @ BUiLTInternational.org/sign-up.

About BUiLT
Blacks United In Leading Technology (BUiLT) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the experience of Black Tech Professionals. We are working to build a strong community of members and allies to establish a new standard for the tech industry.

Learn more about us and how you can become a member at builtinternational.org.

And follow us on social media to be notified of future events like this.
Twitter: bit.ly/332qmfn
Facebook: https://bit.ly/3zJa32P
LinkedIn: bit.ly/3r729fM

Mapping Black Health & Wellness: Reflections, Welcome, and Conversations

Mapping Black Health and Wellness is an event series taking place during US Black History Month (February) 2022. This series will explore issues of race, place, health, and the implications of the representation of people of Black / African descent in mapping and analyzing health policies and programming.

Join this opening session and hear from dynamic and engaging Black professionals who work at intersections of GIS, geography, equity, and health.

BUiLT Open Conversations

Online event

Welcome and get to know your Blacks United in Leading Technology International organization, members and team!

We have chapters internationally, and this monthly event reoccurs to let you know about BUiLT, what we offer and how BUiLT meets your needs.

Let's also have open conversations about today's events and on what's important to you.

Learn how to get involved and grow in your career with BUiLT. Get tips on how you can get in tech. And if you are well down the road and are launching your business, learn how to attract co-founders, investors and how to propel your enterprise for success.

We believe in Tech Equity - equality in working in tech, and equality in owning tech.

Join us for our monthly update.

Historic Black Communities: Preserving and Caring

Online event

In many ways, preserving Black history is an act of caring. For some, it's an act of caring for a community. For some, it's an act of self-care. Join this event and learn how people are across the country are using online interactive maps to overcome many challenges of preserving and sharing historic Black communities.

• Dr. Lauren R. Powell, MPA, PhD, National Health Equity Leader | Speaker | Executive
• Dr. Andrea R. Roberts, PhD, Founder of Freedom Colonies Project, LLC
• Tameshia Rudd-Ridge, Co-Founder at Kinkofa
• Jourdan Brunson, Co-Founder at Kinkofa
• Marcus Young, Geographic Information System Specialist at Oklahoma State Historic Preservation Office

Mapping Black Health and Wellness Event Series

Mapping Black Health and Wellness is an event series taking place during US Black History Month (February) 2022. This series will explore issues of race, place, health, and the implications of the representation of people of Black / African descent in mapping and analyzing health policies and programming.

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BUiLT 2021 Allyship Awards (virtual)

Online event

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