What we're about

1. If you have not been to an event and met someone personally do not take it
upon yourself to message them directly about anything personal. Access is not assumed just because you are in the same group. It's almost NEVER well received and I'll hear about it.

2. Just because we're here for the same reason does not mean you should go in for the hug upon first meeting someone. Appreciate the personal space. Covid is still a thing as well as whatever other ailment their hocking nowadays.

3. Use good common sense. If you're actions are seen as aggressive and you continue
to be aggressive we'll remove you. It may be without warning. You'll be alright, there's plenty of other groups/chats/events you can vent your political/social/sexual frustrations in.

4. Blktivity is culturally diaspora, but we are not in the business of shaming people for
their relationships, friendships, or proclivities. It is also prudent to read the room. We all have interaction with people of other backgrounds to varying degrees. Lets not go to a pie eating contest and ask "where's the cake?"

5. Will we be unwelcoming to your friends from another background? No. We will not. We live in NyC. We're going to be around people of all kinds. Just let us know if you're planning on inviting them and make sure they know the theme of the group. The goal is to mostly stay on theme for cultural reasons.

5. It's your responsibility to utilize appropriate transit and direction services.

How to connect!
Blktivity Whatsapp: This is where a lot of our coordination is done, message
for the group link!

Instagram: @blktivitynyc | @kujoashanti

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/blktivity/

Blktivity is all about black people that consider themselves activity based! Ever wanted to do something but didn't have anyone that was "into that?" If you're looking for people that are willing to try anything once as long as it's not going to kill you (not guaranteed) this is the place! Blacktivities is about doing! Thinking can come later.

If there are no more than 2 people 3 days before a scheduled activity we may cancel depending on the activity. No worries, we may try it again later :)

All paid events need to be paid at RSVP. There will be no refunds for paid events that are not attended. Flake money goes towards serving the community!

(If you're not black or black adjacent will I kick you out of the group? No, but in consideration this is a cultural activity.)

Axe Throwing?
Ping Pong?
Horseback riding?
Some new video game?
A movie?
Travel somewhere?

We have been told that we are one of the most active meetups out there! You might make some new friends or meet a special someone! Who knows, are you willing to find out? We do have a small monthly general membership fee but there's a trial period. Come find out what we're about!

Our team is constantly growing and so are our offerings. Here you will find fun, education, and opportunity!

PS: If you don't have a picture of yourself chances are we will not approve you!

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Steps Talk: The Brooklyn Museum

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Game Night @ Coexist

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