Berlin DevOps 2016-02

This is a past event

75 people went

Location image of event venue


18:30 Greeting, Intro (15 Min)

18:45 SaltStack and modern deployment tools (Miguel A Guillen (

A lot of change in the configuration management tools now days, different technics define the current tools like SaltStack. I will review how different these tools are and how SaltStack works.

19:15 Pause, Snacks & Networking Time (30 Min)

19:45 How docker and consul are used to develop on production (Damien PLARD)

With docker and consul we built a hoster-agnostic platform. This means that there's no difference between dev, nor test, nor production any more and thus we revolutionized our production chain from the code to the deployment.

20:15 Fishbowl: Docker eats Config-Management!? (Christian (

21:00 End

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Talks can be hold in German or English. But please keep in mind, that English is desired in case we've attendees that don't speak German. Just contact the moderator to schedule your talk.

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