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We'll get together for drinks and networking with people interested in Blockchain including fintech disruptors, innovators and anyone curious about Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and its many applications in financial services and non-finance sectors. All are welcome.

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*Note to all members. We are asking everyone to sign up with their full name and LinkedIn profile so we can identify you and allow us to understand our audience. To comply with fire and safety regulation, we must also conduct a register upon arrival at every event. Thank you for your cooperation.

*Note to all members: To protect the privacy of our members, we DO NOT allow unsolicited emails to our members other than the group organiser when making an announcement. Please DO NOT use this meetup group to randomly email members, recruit or sell your services. If anyone receives unsolicited emails, please inform us. Anyone caught doing this will be banned from the group. Thank you for your cooperation.

PLEASE NOTE: The company presenting at our event does not directly represent an endorsement and does not constitute investment advice of any kind from any of our organizers, members or sponsors.

Upcoming events (5+)

FREE ONE-DAY Advanced Ethereum under the hood EVM Developer Workshop

Please make sure you register on Eventbrite to attend this advanced EVM workshop: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-one-day-advanced-ethereum-under-the-hood-evm-developer-workshop-tickets-59168248825 About the Advanced Ethereum (EVM) Developer Workshop: This full day workshop is open for those who already have industry experience, understand the main building blocks of blockchain technology and have worked with Ethereum platform either as Solidity developers or infrastructure engineers. During the workshop, we discuss in-depth the EVM client architecture, p2p protocols, and available consensus algorithms. We look in details at properties of transactions, block headers, logs and Bloom filters. We discuss the structure of Patricia tries, discuss performance of IO, network and EVM processing. We will go through a series of coding exercises written in EVM byte code which will allow us to discuss the lowest level operations of the Ethereum decentralized computer. We access EVM memory, long term storage and execute basic calculations using the EVM opcodes and discuss the gas cost optimizations and contracts security on the way. What makes this workshop unique? Big part of the workshop is actively driven by questions from participants and so each workshop edition looks slightly different. This is a unique characteristic of a workshop where most of the participants come with specific problems to solve in their minds, looking for explanations to the most difficult topics that they encountered while self-studying Ethereum. Who can benefit from this workshop? This is an advanced technical workshop aimed at Solidity developers or infrastructure engineers. At this workshop, people around you are blockchain entrepreneurs, researchers and experienced developers. For researchers, it is a great opportunity to cover the topics outside of their focus area and exchange ideas, for developers an opportunity to look at low level optimizations and security of their contracts and decentralized apps, for entrepreneurs a chance to test whether their business ideas can be supported by the technology at the current stage. Instructor: The workshop is run by Tomasz Kajetan Stanczak, CTO and Founder from Nethermind. What you need to do prior to attending the workshop? We use the Nethermind client to execute all the Ethereum operations. Before attending the workshop, all participants are expected to build and launch a Nethermind Görli node on their machines. What is the minimum requirement to be selected for the workshop? We assume the participants to have a basic understanding of the assembly language, memory, stack, hexadecimal systems and hash functions. What next after the workshop? If after workshop you are hungry for more, you can contribute to the open source Nethermind project on Github. Nethermind is still under development and there are parts of Ethereum protocol that still need to be looked at. This is a great opportunity to further advanced your knowledge on Ethereum with further support from the Nethermind team.

Offchain Bitcoin, Offchain Ethereum and the rise of Tezos – Developer Deep Dive

IMPORTANT - PLEASE REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/offchain-bitcoin-offchain-ethereum-the-rise-of-tezos-a-dev-deep-dive-tickets-60830221831 "Offchain Bitcoin, Offchain Ethereum and the rise of Tezos – Developer Deep Dive" We present you three awesome speakers plus our Q & A lead to share their knowledge and expertise at our monthly developer deep dive meetup. Sign up ASAP as this will be a guaranteed sell-out. Our venue will have a maximum capacity of 60 people (apologies if we are unable to accommodate everyone). Organisers, Partners and Sponsors: Thanks to the following companies for organising this event. Stay tuned for further collaboration and upcoming events between these companies in 2019. For now, check out their website for more info: workonblockchain.com/ binarydistrict.com/ primalbase.com/en/

Zero Knowledge Proof Developer Workshop

Central London

Please register here to attend this workshop: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/zero-knowledge-proof-developer-workshop-tickets-60458939315 Held at the prestigious King’s College London, this two-day Zero Knowledge Proof developer workshop & mini hackathon is hosted and managed by workonblockchain.com and extropy.io. Together, with the rest of their workshop team, they are building a global developer community in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and DLT space by offering high quality technical workshops for free. Work on Blockchain is a global hiring platform for technical professionals aimed at the blockchain space. The platform is a valuable hiring tool to companies in search for technical experts in a “short supply and high demand market” having attracted the attention of smart blockchain developers and security auditors, software engineers, applied researchers, architects, data scientists, devops and CTO’s from across the world. The platform currently has over 250+ active candidates and 40+ hiring companies. Check out their website on www.workonblockchain.com Extropy is a blockchain development company based in the UK (Oxford) focusing on Distributed Application Development, Smart Contract Auditing, Education and Research. Check out their website on www.extropy.io Intro This two-day technical workshop promises to be informative, educational, practical and fun. Join us and learn how to put zero knowledge proofs into practical use. This is our second Zero Knowledge Proof developer workshop in London with plans to host many more in the UK and overseas. The third ZKP workshop will be held in July in London (date to be confirmed). To keep the level of teaching to a high standard, we will limit this class size to 50 delegates. There will be plenty of opportunity to attend in future should this class become oversubscribed. Prerequisite: We require all our students to attend both days. For our students to get the most out of this workshop, it’s vitally important for our delegates to have a strong background in software engineering and a strong interest in blockchain technology. Although a major plus, no prior knowledge or experience with zero knowledge proof is required at his stage. What's important is your passion to learn about ZKP and blockchain technology. Schedule DAY ONE - MAY 4TH (Lectures and hands-on session) 08:30 - Registration 09:00 - Introduction to teams and attendees 09:30 - Maths Primer by Extropy 10:00 - Zero Knowledge Proof Theory with Q&A by Extropy 11:30 - Break 11:45 - Team Pitches / Team Formation 12:15 - Speaker from Artos Systems with Q&A 14:00 - Lunch 15:00 - Speaker from Clearmatics with Q&A 16:30 - Break 16:45 - Hands on development using Zokrates 18:30 - Further team formation 19:00 - Home time / Networking DAY TWO - MAY 5TH (Lectures and hands-on session) 08:30 Arrival 09:00 - Speaker from Aztec Protocol and Q&A 11:00 - Break 11:15 - Mini hack challenge 13: 00 - Lunch 14:00 - Mini hack challenge 16:00 - Break 16:15 - Team presentations on their solution 17:15 - Break 17:30 - Judging and mini prizes. 18:00 - Home / Networking Location: King’s College London. The exact room will only be provided to delegates who are selected for the workshop. This is to help us control the number of delegates per class and to deliver a workshop to a high standard. Sponsorship and Partnership opportunities: The vast majority of our workshops are free to attend, and to keep them running, we rely heavily on sponsorship and partnership. If your company is looking for developer exposure, looking to hire awesome developers or want to help us drive the blockchain developer ecosystem, please reach out to Antonio Sabado for commercial partnership on [masked] Follow us on LinkedIn & Twitter: https://www.linkedin.com/company/work-on-blockchain/ https://twitter.com/work_blockchain

FREE ONE-DAY Enterprise Blockchain Development Workshop

University of Oxford

Please make sure you register on Eventbrite to attend this workshop: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-one-day-enterprise-blockchain-development-workshop-tickets-60399163524 This is our second Enterprise Blockchain Development workshop, and the first in conjunction with the Oxford Blockchain Society. Organiser: Work on Blockchain is a global hiring platform for technical professionals aimed at the blockchain, DLT and cryptocurrencies space. The platform launched on September 2018, we now have 40+ hiring companies and over 250+ vetted candidates looking for work, and the number of active candidates are increasing daily, most with strong commercial blockchain experience. The platform is a valuable hiring tool for companies in search for technical experts in a “short supply and high demand market”. The platform have attracted the attention blockchain developers, software engineers, full stack engineers, UI/UX designers, applied researchers, data scientists, devops, architects, CTO’s and recent computer science graduates from across the world. Check out their website on www.workonblockchain.com Our partner: The Oxford Blockchain Society was founded by students in 2016 to foster Oxford's blockchain ecosystem by maintaining a distributed network of students, academics, and industry actors. Our priorities lie with our members, and we host a variety of speaker events, up-skilling workshops and networking opportunities to best further the goals and ambitions of the Oxford blockchain community. Check out their website on www.oxfordblockchain.net Lead instructor: Laurence Kirk, after a successful 15 year career writing low latency financial applications, Laurence moved to Oxford and set up Extropy.io, a consultancy working with start-ups in the UK and overseas, developing blockchain solutions. Laurence hold a Physics degree from Durham University, and currently taking his MSc in Software Engineering at Oxford University. In addition to giving talks, mentoring at hackathons, and running groups about blockchain technology, Laurence also organises an Artificial Intelligence group in Oxford. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Extropy What does our enterprise blockchain development workshop entail? Decentralised Applications: Decentralised Application Design Using Web3 to interface with external services The Developers Toolbox: Truffle Truffle Demonstration Designing a UI in React / Angular Unit testing Scripted migration to test on main networks Design patterns and best practices IDEs and Resources Security and Analysis Tools Technology Useful to the enterprise: Private Networks How to create a private network on Ethereum IPFS Storage Overview Running a private IPFS network Integration with Ethereum Hands on Session: Using Truffle for unit testing and migration Completing a DApp, taking a smart contract, building a UI and adding IPFS integration Help and guidance with your own projects Future Technology Overview: Privacy Preserving Technology Zero Knowledge Proofs Proxy Re encryption Homomorphic Encryption Block chain interoperability Polkadot and Substrate Prerequisite: We require our students to have some hands-on blockchain development experience, either commercially, at university or on a personal basis. Looking for work in the blockchain space or looking to hire technical talent: Don't worry, we've got you covered. We have built an on-line hiring platform to help our students secure a job when they are ready via www.workonblockchain.com completely free of charge. Looking for work or looking to hire technical talent? Sign up to our hiring platform today. Donations: If anyone want to anonymously donate to our workshop, you can make your donations here. ETH address: 0xBe40d7ac254C[masked]da11B8f600e5e918E2E8 BTC address: 13NPTsscpowKRjNy9bkG2usgozg5rFa1po Follow us on LinkedIn & Twitter: https://www.linkedin.com/company/work-on-blockchain/ https://twitter.com/work_blockchain

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FREE ONE-DAY Enterprise blockchain development workshop

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