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Blockchain Talk - Does Consensus Decentralise? - Joshua Bodyfelt

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Fair distribution of wealth within blockchain is an interesting idea. Yet we see the centralisation of value, so how do we ensure that the greed of those with power doesn’t corrupt decentralised ecosystems?

So how do we make the blockchain fair? We believe delegated proof of stake has potential to fix existing issues. No matter how much capital you have, your voice is heard - your mining pool gets to vote! It’s a technological democracy…or is it?

Joshua Bodyfelt will guide you through the issue and we’ll try to find a solution together!

Joshua Bodyfelt:
In 2009, Dr. Joshua Bodyfelt earned his PhD from Wesleyan University. He continued in academics for two postdoctoral positions and then an offer of Research Officer from Massey University relocated him to New Zealand in 2013. At the beginning of 2018, Dr. Bodyfelt migrated from academics into his current role as Innovation & Research Manager at Centrality - where he has been involved in our flagship blockchain, PL^G. He is currently studying network consensus protocols and is keen to apply deep learning to network security.

This is Part 2 of our series on Consensus Protocols, and will be followed-up with a debate on the various models available.

5:30 pm - Open for food and drinks.

6:00 pm - Joshua will guide you through the issue, explain delegated proof of stake and answer all questions.

6:30 pm – Small panel discussion. Everyone is welcome to participate. We’ll have some fun here and apply DPoS to choose panelists.

8:00 pm - Finish.

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The venue for this event has been generously donated by Centrality.