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The global market for Blockchain Technology is projected to reach US$ 30.7 billion by the year 2027, trailing a post COVID-19 CAGR of 43% over the analysis period 2020 through 2027.

The technology is estimated to witness the highest level of spending over the coming years owing to its intriguing characteristics like redundancy, decentralization and transparency. These aspects are bound to push blockchain adoption across a diverse spectrum of domains, from financial services and healthcare to supply chains.

While technology can be used to control people, it can also be used to liberate them. Our aim is to collaboratively support a Decentralized Evolution using blockchain technology to bring about a free society that respects and honors the privacy and sovereignty of everyone.

Blockchain is not just a technology of the future that promises change. It has already delivered material change and we seek to promote awareness and broadcast the message of Blockchain disruption.

If you are curious to find out why large banks, tech giants, governments, start-ups and investors are getting involved at alarming rates, this is your opportunity to ride the blockchain wave.


1. Bring together a diverse and passionate group of innovators, activists, entrepreneurs, influencers, visionaries and change agents with the goal of solving problems and inspiring participants to take control of their digital and physical lives.

2. Delve into the current threats, challenges, and opportunities that are associated with this emerging technology and the strategies to prepare for and implement blockchain, before it completely disrupts all industries.

3. Highlight the ways in which Blockchain technology has already disrupted industries and shine a light on the sectors where its use cases continue to proliferate.

4. Bridge the skills gap and provide hands-on work experience, to get a sense for what career or entrepreneurial path you might want to take in blockchain, while gaining practical skills solving real-life problems that can’t always be taught in a classroom or courses.

5. Create efficient, durable connections between educators, employers, employees and entrepreneurs.

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