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Our mission is to cultivate a community of disruptive innovators for the purpose of creating and collaborating on world-changing projects that harness the power of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Dev Utah is sponsored by Thrivous (https://thrivous.com), the human enhancement company.

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Lunch and Learn: Build your first dapp with Carl Youngblood

After a long hiatus, we're ready to pick up our blockchain development meetup again. Amazing things have happened in this space since we last met regularly, and we can't wait to hear from you all. For our reunion meetup, Carl Youngblood will lead a tutorial that will show you how to write and test a multi-user smart contract and create a web-based frontend that interacts with it permissionlessly.


We want to thank Silicon Slopes and Kiln for sponsoring our meetup. We want every blockchain company in Utah to be involved. The more the merrier. Please contact us to join the fray and help build the blockchain community in Utah.

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Holacracy & Blockchain Health Insurance


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