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Blockchain030 | Coworking Mondays | IoT in Space & Blockchain

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Eric Van Riet P. and 2 others


10.00 - 13.00: IoT in Space and Blockchain
Todays session is organized together with Lacuna. This is a startup that is going to use cubesats to connect with LoRa sensor devices on Earth. In this session we will brainstorm about:

  • What kind of satellite IoT use cases can we enable by using blockchain and related technologies?
  • What would these implementations look like in practice?

Examples could be anonymous users, a data market, etc.

13:30 - 17.00: open discussions and experimenting with blockchain & IOT

We will co-work on individual and collective projects that involve blockchain and other distributed technologies. Interested parties are invited to join and discuss their projects with the experts from blocklab030.

Vredenburg 40 · Utrecht
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