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Coworking Monday Special: Komodo, dPoW, BarterDEX - Become liquidity provider!

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Eric Van Riet P. and 4 others


A very special blockchain030 this Monday, November 5th. We've invited some Komodo experts for you. Join if you want to learn about:

⭐ Doing secure, decentralized trades using BarterDEX
⭐ Komodo asset chains
⭐ delayed Proof of Work (dPOW)
⭐ Bitcoin
⭐ ZCash & z-transactions
⭐ Becoming a liquidity provider (earn your basic income)

➡️ What to expect?

We start from 10am with coffee at #blockchain030, and get to know each other a bit. Afterwards there are multiple interactive talks/sessions on the set of topics mentioned above.

After lunch there are two optional workshops.

  1. You can experience a live decentralized swap using BarterDEX. By using a decentralized exchange you don't have any risk while trading. So, a workshop: Do your first trade on BarterDEX.

  2. You can learn about offering liquidity to the BarterDEX network. When you offer liquidity you stimulate the use of DEX's, and at the same time earn some money on the spread.

➡️ For whom?

If there're some words -in the text above- that you don't know yet, don't worry, this is a day for everyone that is eager to learn and experience growth.

  • Are you interested in what Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are? Join this workshop. You'll learn a lot about the world of blockchain in a short amount of time.
  • Do you know about blockchains already, and are you interested to learn more? Join. We show you Komodo, dPoW and the creation of asset chains.
  • Interested in trading? Learn about trading using BarterDEX, or become a liquidity provider yourself.
  • Tech minded? There're developers that know a lot about developing in crypto space.

➡️ What do you need to bring for the workshops:

  • laptop;
  • Raspberry Pi (3 B+ is recommended, Pi zero W is too weak), if you want to install Barterdex on a Raspberry Pi, it is also possible to do an install on your local PC or on a VPS.
  • bring your own lunch;
  • and your smile!

➡️ About the hosts

bartwr & barv are Komodo enthusiasts and got to know the projects in the Komodo ecosystem very well. Together they work on projects with Komodo, Bitcoin and NXT. Their latest, public project is - A secure wallet with integrated DEX.

Eric, Marc & Susanne are initiators of the #blockchain030 coworking days. They all have experience in programming smart contracts on Ethereum & working with misc. blockchains. Their latest project is the Blockchain Pubquiz: Soon in a cafe near you.

RSVP now & see you at the meetup

Vredenburg 40 · Utrecht
12 spots left