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We focus on blockchain, artificial intelligence and data science. Our events are educational, selling is strictly disallowed. We DON'T accept hard sponsorship dollars.

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Doing DeFi on Bitcoin with the RSK blockchain

Online event

The RSK team presents - Learn what the RSK blockchain is all about and how you can do DeFi on the EVM and Bitcoin

CBDC Think Tank: The Uruguayan Central Bank Presents

Online event

The Uruguayan central bank discuss their approach to CBDC
Participation is via invite only
More details forthcoming, lock the date/time on your calendar

The RSK Blockchain Developer Bootcamp

Online event

Build a Dapp or two with the RSK team on the RSK chain. Seats limited.

The GNU Taler Digital Payment Platform

Online event

Referenced by the Swiss central bank in their paper on CBDCs (See here https://taler.net/en/news/2021-01.html) GNU Taler is a *centralized* ecash platform that leverages Chaum blind signatures. In this session, Christian Grothoff and Florian Dold discuss the cryptography use cases and demo how GNU Taler works.

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CBDC Think Tank: The Swiss Central Bank Presents

Online event

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