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We focus on blockchain, artificial intelligence and data science. Our events are educational, selling is strictly disallowed. We DON'T accept hard sponsorship dollars.

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HyperLedger Fabric for Sys Admins

Online event

When designing and building an enterprise blockchain application on Hyperledger, it is very important to distinguish between the system administration tasks and the development ones as they may entail two different career tracks and job requirements. The said distinction has direct effects on the project staffing, project management and timely delivery. To that end, in this short webinar, we will review and discuss tasks that are common among HF system admins versus developers as well as briefly reviewing available Hyperledger certifications for each career track. Webinar length: Lecture: 45 minutes Q/A: 15 minutes Webinar doc http://myhsts.org/docs/webinars/hyperledger-fabric-system-admin-vs-developer.pdf Webinar Topics https://coding-bootcamps.com/webinars/hyperledger-fabric-certifications-and-career-choices.html Zoom link https://learn.coding-bootcamps.com/courses/recorded-live-webinars-and-classes/lectures/27175108 About Presenter- Jim Sullivan Jim has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Jim also holds an MBA. Jim has been a practicing Software engineer for 20 years. Currently Jim leads an expert team in Blockchain development, DevOps, Cloud, application development, and the SAFe Agile methodology. Jim is an IBM Master Instructor. Jim is a Blockchain professional, and a MultiChain partner. Jim is also an expert in HyperLedger, Ethereum, Corda, and is architecting and developing a Blockchain based web product. Resources Reading the following articles is highly recommended: 1- Comprehensive guide for all Hyperledger developers => https://myhsts.org/tutorial-comprehensive-blockchain-hyperledger-developer-guide-for-all-professional-programmers.php 2- Comprehensive overview and analysis of blockchain use cases in many industries=> https://blockchain.dcwebmakers.com/blog/comprehensive-overview-and-analysis-of-blockchain-use-cases-in-many-industries.html 3- Hyperledger Fabric for system administration => https://learn.coding-bootcamps.com/p/learn-blockchain-development-with-hyperledger-by-examples 4- Hyperledger Fabric for blockchain development with Golang => https://learn.coding-bootcamps.com/p/hyperledger-blockchain-development-for-developers 5- Blockchain decentralized App use case for healthcare data sharing=> https://blockchain.dcwebmakers.com/blog/decentralized-app-use-case-for-healthcare-data-sharing.html 6- Why build blockchain applications with Hyperledger Fabric => https://learn.coding-bootcamps.com/blog/202224/why-build-blockchain-applications-with-hyperledger-fabric

DEFIICON: The DeFi Conference

Online event

DEFiiCON is here, folks. Join us 3/3 @ 3PM for 2 days of intensive DeFi workshops! Full agenda and details forthcoming. RSVPs will be limited. For speaking opportunities, submit your talk here: https://sessionize.com/defiicon

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Bitcoin 101 for Noobs

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