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8-Hour Blockchain: Ethereum HyperLedger Cryptos Smart Contracts Tokenization
REGISTRATION VIA EVENTBRITE ONLY: Understand blockchain inside out from practitioners with proven track records and deep real-world experience in the most popular blockchain bootcamp while networking with like-minded classmates. If you are an executive, manager, developer, dev lead, entrepreneur, crypto or blockchain enthusiast and need to get a serious structured and deep technical understanding of blockchain then this course is all you need. This course is designed for non-technical people looking for a technical understanding of blockchain. Chainhaus Certificate of Completion will be provided by at the end of the course day. Breakfast will be provided. Expect about 8 hours of instruction time that often goes past 5.30pm, heavy engagement, Q&A and student interaction. The learning will be intense, fun, current and engaging. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Understanding cryptography, hashing, public/private key, elliptical curve algorithms, cryptographic attack vectors Distributed computing concepts, peer-to-peer network, Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Byzantine General's Problem, Multi-phased commits, cache synchronization Blockchain data structures: digital signature chaining, transaction, blocks, blockchains, addresses Consensus algorithms: Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Delegated Proof of Stake, Proof of Elapsed Time, Proof of Authority, RAFT, Hashgraph Understanding the diffferent blockchains and the varying value propositions and architectures: Bitcoin, Ethereum, HyperLedger Fabric, Hashgraph, EOS, NEO, NEM, Quorum, Corda Smart Contracts: What they are, how to write one, Solidity examples, use cases, OPCODE, auditing and attack vectors ERC 20 and 721 tokens and asset tokenization strategies Quantum-resistant crypto algorithms, directed acyclic graphs Upcoming technologies: Casper, sharding, Ethereum Vyper, Homestead Use cases: Supply chain, real estate, trading, HFT, Fintech Decentralized ID and identity management Anatomy of an ICO & STO: Walkthrough the technical architecture of an ICO, the process of issuing a coin, observing transactions on chain of ICO funds moving in and out of ICO wallets, real-life smart contract analysis Tokenomics: Monte Carlo simulations and game theory Bonus: Machine Learning & Big data: Applying machine learning and big data concepts to blockchain Recent Students: “ The course was informative, interactive and thought-provoking, and well paced. It was just the right mix of technical, theoretical and practical information. Thank you for a brilliant course” - Elham Bambaei, Vice President, Citibank “I came in with a baseline understanding but the course took it to the next level! Look forward to attending more events” - Bryan Perlmutter, Senior Advisor, Game Changer Labs " This is the best blockchain training I've taken so far. We covered cryptography, hashing and the difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens. It was amazing" - Shagufta Sayani, Deloitte "It’s fully immersive and interactive nature makes the course great for learners at every stage.” - Steve Nson, CEO and Founder at InnovativeCRE WHY US Chainhaus is the #1 blockchain training organization, dedicated to blockchain education. We are geeks with MBAs and mystics of the dark blockchain arts. ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR Jamiel is a graduate professor at NYU and CUNY, where he teaches performance management and data science respectively. He has an MBA from Columbia University, BBA from Baruch College and is completing an MS in Artificial Intelligence from Georgia Institute of Technology. LinkedIn: Sign up for our upcoming Solidity, Vyper & Web3 training series: Join our super active community and jump into the buzz with additional events and classes:


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