Deep dive into Ethereum


The 3rd Blockchainers meetup is about the technical background of Ethereum and an insight into the City of Vienna's (Magistrat 14) work on the Blockchain.

We are happy to announce that this meetup will be hosted by Ernst & Young in Vienna (

How to get there: U1 Kaisermühlen/VIC and then go to IZD Tower.


10 min: Introduction + Blockchain News by organizers Matthias/Erhard and Ali Aram (Ernst & Young)

5 min: "Blockchain in Digital City Vienna" by Brigitte Lutz (Data Governance Coordinator of Vienna - Magistratsdirektion der Stadt Wien)

60 min: Main Topic: "Deep dive into Ethereum" by Ralph Pichler (Ethereum Vienna) - the talk will be in english:

In this talk we will look at the inner workings of the current version of the Ethereum platform. First we will look at the structure of the state and the data structures that power it. Then we will explore how transactions are processed, how contracts interact with each other and how they can modify the state. Finally we will look at Ethereums blockchain structure itself and why it has been designed the way it has.

About Ralph Pichler

Ralph Pichler is the organizer of the Ethereum Vienna community and a specialist in smart contract development. At RIAT he leads the Ethereum Academy and coordinates projects and workshops in relation to contract development based on Ethereum and Solidity. Pichler has been an active observer of the Ethereum space since its early days and also works as consultant for smart contract development.

15 min: Presentation of Stadt Wien Blockchain Pilot by Bernd Wünschek (MA14 City of Vienna) & Jonas Jünger (Manager Ernst & Young)

Quick overview of the current Blockchain Pilot project of the City of Vienna in connection with notarization of Open Government Data (OGD). Followed by questions and discussions.

5 min per talk: Lightning Talks by the community

"Open Blockchains Initiative" by Gerald Bauer

Closing / Goodie for Ralph Pichler

Lightning Talk?

If you want to start a project, want to get some help, have a job offer or something else about Blockchain then you should do a Lightning Talk! No laptop or presentation - only you for 5 minutes. - see Wikipedia (

If you are interested in presenting the main topic at one of our next meetups or if want to do a lightning talk, write us a message!