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Discovering the potential of Blockchain Technology. Mainly focused on developers specialized in blockchain/distributed technology/protocols such as Polkadot, IPFS, Webchains (WASM) and Whisper (SHH).

Join us and exchange ideas, experiences, grow as a developer and to have deep conversations about future technology.

Thanks to Stefan Klauser (ETHZ) (https://www.gess.ethz.ch/en/the-department/people/person-detail.html?persid=223617) and André Wolke (Validity Labs) (https://validitylabs.org/index.php/k-teacher/andre-wolke/) for their support.

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Blockchain development based on Substrate

ETH Zürich

Hello Friends, First of all I would like to thank Stefan Klauser (https://gess.ethz.ch/en/the-department/people/person-detail.MjIzNjE3.TGlzdC8zMTg5LDYxODEyMDg2.html) and ETHZ (https://www.ethz.ch/de.html) for their continuous support of this meetup. This meetup is about Substrate [1] based blockchain development. It will cover what Substrate is, it's modules, how to develop your own modules and how to deploy a chain. Smart Contracts are to Ethereum what Substrate is to Polkadot [2]. A new framework for blockchain innovation free from many of its previous constraints. [1] https://github.com/paritytech/substrate [2] https://wiki.polkadot.network/en/latest/ Additional resources: - https://substrate.dev/ - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPOA_ycranc - https://www.shawntabrizi.com/blog/ Please note, that the room for this meetup is HG E23

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