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UK & Ireland - Blockchain & Web3 Meetup powered by Solana SuperteamUK

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Blockchain M.
UK & Ireland - Blockchain & Web3 Meetup powered by Solana SuperteamUK


Join us to celebrate Manchester Blockchain Alliance, Blockchain Ireland and Blockchain Scotland combining forces and becoming ecosystem partners.

Proudly powered by Solana's SuperteamUK, a community of founders helping enthusiasts build on the Solana blockchain and supporters of cross-border cooperation.

Expect talks and presentations from representatives of all regions, plus the opportunity for attendees to network and build relationships with web3 and blockchain enthusiasts, developers and builders.

An afterparty will follow at the Deaf Institute.

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Venue - No.1 Circle Square, Manchester

Solana SuperteamUk BuildExpress

10am - 5pm

From 10am, SuperteamUK brings their popular BuildExpress series to Manchester. BuildExpress is an event series which seeks to attract and accelerate talented individuals to begin building on the blockchain.

Whether you're an aspiring founder with an idea you'd like to bring to life, or someone looking to earn their first £1,000 in the blockchain space... SuperteamUK will be on hand to help you begin or accelerate your professional journey on the Blockchain.

More info and Ticket

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UK & Ireland - Blockchain & Web3 Meetup powered by Solana Superteam UK

6:00pm Doors open / Networking / Pizza / Drinks

Superteam UK
BuildExpress Winners Announced
Compete during the day in founder (pitch), developer (code), creative (content) competitions for over £1,000 cash and more prizes.

7:10 Talks

Revolutionising Collectibles
Reece Black - Founder Sleek Geek

Scaling for the Next Billion Users
Chris Wilson - Founder & CEO Radom

We made it! Harvey Nichols is selling a perfume made by a weird bunch of digital fanatics who mostly know f all about perfumes. 😎
Jamie Anson - EthLDN , Nifty Orchard & Scent the Metaverse DAO

7.40pm Break

7.50pm - Talks

A Web3 Gaming Journey
Dan Hibell - Web3 Gaming Analyst @CryptoBlockDan

"Tokenising the Blue Planet" - Real World Assets and the future of life on earth
Fiona Delaney - Founder Origin Chain Networks and lead Blockchain Ireland Startups

8:30pm Panel with Q/A.

England, Ireland & Scotland panel

9:00pm: Afterparty - Deaf Institute Basement - Get your ticket

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Solana SuperteamUK

Superteam is a global community of founders on a mission to help you learn, earn and build on Solana.

Join a community of entrepreneurs, developers and creatives and help drive innovation in UK! 🇬🇧

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The Gem Hunters
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Eco-system Partner Events

Introducing Scotland's first major web3 event.
1st-2nd August 2024 - Glasgow

Blockchain Ireland Conference
Blockchain Ireland’s 5th conference. The theme for this year is ‘Maturity & Stability’
May 28th and May 29th - Trinity Business School, Dublin

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Our events are recorded

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WARNING: Talks may be technical and include industry terms regarding the disciplines mentioned above. None of the talks should ever be considered financial or legal advice. #DYOR.

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Hosted by Manchester Blockchain Alliance & Blockchain Manchester

Empowering Manchester and the North of England to emerge as a #Web3 powerhouse.

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