Smart Contracts in Bitcoin Enterprise Blockchain? YES! both on- and off-chain

Blockchain Oslo Meetup
Blockchain Oslo Meetup
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Startup Campus

Chr. Krohgs gate 1 · Oslo

How to find us

At the REMA100 entrance, 7th floor

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Join us at your local Bitcoin Association Meetup to learn how you can apply your Ethereum knowledge to build Enterprise Scalable Smart Contracts that are both secure and affordable in Bitcoin Enterprise Blockchain.

Xiaohui Liu, founder of sCrypt will join us via video to demonstrate how to build on-chain Smart Contracts in sCrypt Studio. sCrypt Studio allows developers to program and test online on the fly, for more responsive development in a dynamic environment, with a graphical interface and SDK development underway.

You will also learn about other Enterprise Blockchain projects:

- BITaccell: Aiming to become the leading startup accelerator for the companies developing blockchain-based initiatives in the Nordic region.

- UNISOT: An Enterprise Blockchain Service Provider that will change the future of global Supply Chains.

- Contactless Bitcoin payments with plastic cards, wearables, IOT-devices, phones and human body implants.

Bitcoin Association Meetup will be held at the following locations:
- OSLO: November 14, 18:00-21:00 at Startup Campus
- COPENHAGEN: November 18, 18:00-21:00 at TBD (looking for location!)
- GOTHENBURG: November 19, 18:00-21:00 at TBD (looking for location!)
- Stockholm TBD
- Boden TBD

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