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This is a group for any software developers, technologists or business people looking to learn more about developing actual blockchain apps or systems. These meetings are open and free to all but please keep in mind that this is a very technical meetup and not a Bitcoin 101 event. If you’d like to learn the basics of what Bitcoin or a blockchain is, go ahead and check out the Manila Ethereum or Makati Digital Currency meetup group :)

During these sessions, we’ll be doing actual coding starting with Solidity on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Possible future coding sessions could make use of Hyperledger and the hashgraph.

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Blockchain Gamble


How Blockchain predicts and shapes the future of online gambling In the crypto space, we all gamble and predict a bright future for Bitcoin and other Crypto Assets but what kind of algorithms and game machines can we actually create today and how do these games work? That is what we will discuss in our upcoming meetup. We are offering these event for free. Though it is not required, we still recommend that you commit to attending regularly and be engaged in community discussions for you to get the most out of these sessions. Register thru this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/blockchain-gamble-tickets-65780253509 Reminders: Our community is growing steadily. As such we would need additional resources to sustain each session. If you wish to volunteer, sponsor or contribute to this event, please contact our organizers.

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