Klaytn Champions: Introduction to Klaytn Champ & Hands-on Workshop on Klaytn


The Klaytn Champions are flying from all over the world to Seoul, Korea to present their winning concepts. In this session they will explain what & why they have built these blockchain applications. During this event, you can learn how to become a Klaytn Champion with a hands-on workshop on how to build on Klaytn.

Networking Session
Klaytn Champ
Presentation of other winners
Tips on how to set up and run a successful hackathon team
Workshop: Hands-on Introduction to Klaytn

Sponsors / Partners / Organizers
https://www.blockdevs.asia/, https://klaytn.champ.blockdevs.asia/#/signup, https://www.klaytn.com/, https://www.groundx.xyz/