5 Online Event Tools for Better Engagement

Keep your attendees active and engaged with these simple online event tools.


As an event organizer, it’s up to you to keep your attendees engaged during your online events. That’s easier said than done when you’re not able to interact in person and attendees are faced with distractions on their screens. The right online event tools will help your attendees engage by letting them participate in the action. 

Check out these online event tools and make your next event fresh, engaging, and, most importantly, fun.

1. Sticky note exercise template 

Drive engagement in group discussions with this Google Slides Sticky Note Exercise Template. This template is great for driving engagement, collaboration, and creativity, especially in small group discussions. 

Developed by Matt Miller as a helpful tool for teachers to stay organized, it’s also a fantastic way for you to set an agenda, brainstorm discussion topics, or organize a quick icebreaker. Copy and paste the colored sticky note squares and connect them with arrows. Go crazy with color themes that perfectly fit your group’s topic and add the perfect amount of flair to each event.

2. A fun way to poll attendees

Increase engagement in your audience by allowing them to submit live responses with Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere

Mentimeter is a presentation software that allows you to engage and interact with event attendees in real-time. It’s a fun and entertaining way to brainstorm ideas, stay engaged with your audience, and ensure that all participants are equally involved in the discussion. Poll Everywhere even works nicely with Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Keynote. 

Both tools can be used on almost any device and can be used to create Q&A, word clouds, rank order results, and yes, even Trivia!

3. A fair way to make decisions

Wheel of Names is the perfect tool for choosing your next speaker or deciding almost anything fairly or randomly at your next event. 

You can fully customize the wheel including the words, colors, sounds, and the duration of the spin. It also automatically removes the last chosen tile, which means you can keep spinning until you’ve exhausted all options. It’s a flexible tool for driving conversation, increasing engagement, and ensuring topics and speakers are chosen in the fairest way possible. You can even upload pictures in place of using text for names or topics.

4. Real-time movie discussions

Enjoy a movie with your attendees without screen sharing. Netflix Party lets you watch Netflix movies and show and discuss in real time.

Make your next event an interactive movie night and host a live discussion with friends. Netflix party is the perfect tool for keeping the movie-watching experience interactive. Simply download the Chrome extension, log in to your Netflix account, choose the movie or show you want to watch, and share the link with your group. Your attendees will also need to join Netflix party to watch.

Send around a couple of on-theme snacking recipes a few days prior to your event and then discuss what everyone is snacking on as you’re waiting for everyone to join.

5. Game night online

Get your attendees laughing with virtual games like playheyrobot, broken picturephone, Psych on munkyfun, and more!

Whether you organize a Meetup group for board game enthusiasts and you’re looking for the best way to move these activities online or your group just needs a fun game night, these online event games can get the party started. You can play these games in small or large groups online and get everyone involved. If you’re feeling creative check out this google form to create a virtual escape room.

Already have a real-life game your group loves? Good Housekeeping has a great list of ways to integrate games you might already own into your next virtual game night.

With these online event tools you have everything you need to make your next online Meetup event engaging and fun for all your members. Not a Meetup organizer yet? Host your own online events on Meetup and check out this handy events recipe guide to make your first event a success.

Last modified on September 22, 2023