Meetup Live

The one-stop spot for recordings and recaps of Meetup Live events, hosted by Meetup HQ!

Recording: Bringing people together during uncertain times

David Siegel (Meetup CEO) and Victor Cho (Evite CEO) discuss the power of community and celebration.

Recording: Meetup’s Product Roadmap, What’s to come in 2021

What you can expect from our team in 2021 and beyond.

Recording: Combating Loneliness through Human Connection

Join Jennifer Libby for a conversation on how to combat loneliness with connectedness.

Recording: Dismantling Social Injustice, Equal Rights for the Transgender Community

As a part of the ‘Dismantling Social Injustice’ series, this event will focus on the disparities and inequities that the Transgender community faces, including voting rights and civil rights equality.

Recording: The Evolution of Search at Meetup

Join Meetup’s Director of Data and Machine Learning, Sach Sokol, for insights on the evolution of search at Meetup

Recording: The Power of Personal Growth in Tech Communities

Many tech communities on Meetup face similar challenges when it comes to securing event speakers, developing a distinct voice, and engaging members.

Recording: Deep Dive on Impact, Communities for Black Justice and Equity

Meetup communities are focused now more than ever on racial equality.

Recording: The Secrets of Networking Online and In-Person

With a little guidance and practice, you can build real, deep connections that’ll move your life and business forward.