Five Awesome Ways to Use ChatGPT 

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence program changing the way computers (and people!) think. Learn some cool ways to use this powerful technology.


ChatGPT is the hottest new thing in the world of artificial intelligence, and with good reason. This computer program is designed to simulate authentic human conversation in written form. What separates ChatGPT from chatbots of years past is the advanced algorithm through which the program continuously evolves based on user interaction, becoming “smarter” over time. 

The hype over ChatGPT is real, and it’s extending beyond the sphere of AI and machine learning. In fact, Meetup Live recently held an event on ChatGPT, which was the most attended event ever with 7,000+ attendees! 

People from all walks of life are curious about this new technology and how they might benefit from it. Since going public in November 2022, the use cases of ChatGPT have been growing rapidly. As more and more people discover interesting ways to take advantage of the program, they actually push ChatGPT’s capability to new heights. (One fun thing about ChatGPT: if you ask it how to make friends in NYC, it suggests Meetup!)  

The lightning-fast responses of this technology offer so much more than a “bot” personality to interact with. ChatGPT can be your research partner, your co-organizer, your editor, and beyond! Check out these five remarkable things you can use ChatGPT to accomplish.  

1. Host the best events in town with brainstorming and marketing  

In the recent Meetup Live event centered on ChatGPT, tech enthusiast and YouTube content creator Luigi Iacobellis demonstrates how the program can assist organizers from start to finish of the event planning process. 

In this video, you can see Luigi ask ChatGPT to generate some event ideas for a group interested in extreme outdoor sports. Within just a few seconds, ChatGPT offers up 10 different event themes with basic descriptions, such as Rock Climbing Adventure: Take the group to a nearby mountain or climbing gym for a day of challenging climbs and breathtaking views. Some of its other ideas include a mountain biking expedition, a scuba diving adventure, and a white water rafting excursion. 

Once you’ve settled on an event, you can also use ChatGPT to help promote it. Luigi asks the program to write a detailed event description—even requesting a pun in the copy—and ChatGPT generates a few engaging paragraphs with all of the important details seamlessly integrated. 

2. Fix bugs in your code and learn from your mistakes  

ChatGPT is your friendly coding guru. Whether you’re working on simple HTML lines or more complex scripts, you can input a tricky piece of code into the program and simply ask it to “find the bug.” ChatGPT will not only discover the error, but will generate a sophisticated yet digestible explanation of its reasoning. With this tool, you can learn how to code day or night with a teacher who’s always available. 

3. Discover complex research topics in a whole new light 

One of the coolest ways to implement ChatGPT is by asking it a straightforward question about an advanced topic, then getting the program to explain the answer to you in layman terms. In fact, you can just write, “Explain like I am five” after your query. 

For example, this article shows a user asking ChatGPT to explain the concept of wormholes, which could involve a lot of astronomical theory, physics, and mathematics. But the program creates a helpful and thorough analysis of wormholes that someone with no background in astronomy can easily comprehend.  

4. Collaborate on a poem, story, or screenplay  

ChatGPT’s creative juices are always flowing. You can ask it to work on a poem with you, and you can take turns contributing one line or whole stanzas at a time. If you’re writing a story or a screenplay, you can describe one of your characters to ChatGPT and have the program take on the role. Try making ChatGPT communicate like a cowboy from old Westerns or a medieval queen, and some of your dialogue will get written on the spot! You can also start a story and let ChatGPT generate the next part, creating an interactive and unpredictable narrative. 

5. Practice a new language with a tireless conversation partner 

To truly advance in a new tongue, every language learner needs immersion. Traditionally, the best ways to immerse yourself in a new language are education and travel. While not a replacement for the in-person cultural aspects of language learning, ChatGPT can be an incredible resource for anyone who wants to shore up their grammar and vocabulary, or just squeeze in a few minutes of on-the-go practice now and then. 

Practice your language skills by engaging in conversations with ChatGPT in your target language. Ask questions, discuss topics, receive feedback on your language usage, and improve your overall fluency.  

Stay up to date with the latest tech trends  

ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence technologies are going to have an even bigger social impact in years to come. The best way to stay up to date with new developments is by joining an active tech group on Meetup! 

For example, you could join Charleston Data Science, a Meetup group of over 1,000 members who’ve actually already held several events specifically about ChatGPT! Other groups even deeper in the artificial intelligence and machine learning arena include RDU Artificial Intelligence Meetup Group and Big Data & Artificial Intelligence 101, two communities that host informative webinars accessible all over the globe. There are also plenty of groups dedicated to building specific skills, like Code for KC.  

Try playing around with ChatGPT, and when you discover some awesome ways to use it, you can invite others to join you by creating your own Meetup group

Last modified on June 2, 2023