How To Get People to Show Up to Your Events

Your event is scheduled. Here’s how you can make sure people actually show up.


Plans change. Life gets in the way. Even those with the best intentions don’t always show up to events they’ve RSVPed for. The good news is, you can increase the chances that the people actually show up at your next event.

So how do you turn RSVPers into attendees? Here are some best practices you can use to ensure you have a good turnout at your next event.

Incentivize RSVPers to attend

On the day of your event, your RSVPers may need a little extra push to get them off the couch and out in real life. The more incentive, information, and motivation you give them beforehand, the better.

Charge a small event fee

Charging a fee doesn’t make sense for every type of event, but it does make a difference in the percentage of RSVPers who will show up. In fact, we’ve found that when an event has a fee show-up rates increase from 40-50% to 70-85%.

Adding a fee may mean that you’ll get fewer RSVPs upfront, but the number of people who show up is worth it for events that require a lot of planning.

Add a clear agenda

You’ve put a lot of effort into planning your event, so you should make RSVPers aware of that. Add an agenda with an itinerary for your event. Sharing your timeline will help get more people to RSVP and take away some of the anxiety they might feel on the day of the event.

Share event photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s important when you’re trying to convince someone to come out of their comfort zone. Share a group picture or action shots of your past events to give people a sense of what things will feel like. If you don’t have any photos yet, add a group photo to the itinerary of your next event.

Encourage guests

It can feel intimidating to go to an event for the first time alone. Giving RSVPers the option to bring a guest can make your event more enticing for first-timers. It might also help them feel comfortable on their own in the future. Plus, a guest means one extra RSVP.

Communicate early and often

An active and engaged organizer makes all the difference when it comes to getting people to show up to an event. If you start conversations, show that you care, and help people make connections, you will likely see increased attendance.

Send personalized messages

Personal touches go a long way toward making people feel welcome. On Meetup, you can send individual messages or a group message to all of your RSVPers to keep them engaged. Communicating with people directly before an event increases the likelihood that they will show up.

Get them involved online

Get your group talking on your event page by asking a question. If you’re hiking you can ask about favorite trails, what kind of gear people use, and what kind of snacks you should bring. Anything that gets people talking.

Pay attention to first-timers

Pay special attention to the people RSVPing for the very first time. Repeat attendees are much more likely to turn up on the day of the event than first-timers. You can give them more information about yourself, what they can expect the day of, and ask if they have any questions.

Greet everyone

If you can swing it, take a moment at the event to talk with or introduce yourself to each of your attendees. It doesn’t need to take long, but it’s important to show everyone some recognition for showing up. If you’re hosting a large event, you can share the responsibility with your co-organizers.

Last modified on March 6, 2020