Recording | New at Meetup: Product Update

An overview of new Meetup features coming your way including group fundraising, attendance taking, and more!


Watch this recording with Prerna Singh, VP of Product, and Johnson Tang, Lead Product Manager, for an overview of new Meetup features coming your way! Learn all about the upcoming attendee manager, a tool that will allow organizers to see who’s coming to their events, mark their status, and more. Meetup’s product team will also walk you through the attendance tracker: a highly-anticipated feature that will let organizers record who showed up to an event directly within the Meetup for Organizers app.


  • Agenda (1:07)
  • Q2 Updates
  • Organizer App (13:21)
    • Why an Organizer App? (13:45)
    • What’s Our Vision? (15:38)
    • What Can You Expect? (16:01)
  • New Release
    • Search Past Events (18:03)
  • Coming Soon

Top Q&A Questions & Resources:

  • Will we be able to mark payments from event attendees?
    • JT: Yes, you will be able to mark payments if it’s a paid event. You’ll be able to mark whether someone has paid or not paid.
  • When will the Event Chat be available internationally?
    • Prerna: It is something we are actively investigating right now. We will get back to you on when you can expect that to be rolling out. This also applies to Event Chat and Pledge as well. So stay tuned!
  • Can you provide more information on the Meet and Greet event template?
    • JT: Any organizer can try this on the web right now, we’re only testing it on the web. When you go to create an event, the button “schedule” takes you to the page. On the right-hand side, there is an “explore template” or “try template” button. When you click on that, it basically pre-populates the event with a default title, description, and event photo. You can change anything. The idea is that we want to make it easy for you. This is great for when people still don’t know each other and you just want something casual, low commitment to get people to know each other. Set up an online event first, and get people accustomed. It’s not just for new groups, some of our superstar organizers are constantly holding separate Meet & Greets for new members who come. It’s available on the web and it is available now.


Last modified on August 9, 2022