What we're about

Are you looking to turn a passion into a passive income stream via a Blog, Video Blog, online course or business?

Have a business that you want to market using Blogging, Instagram or Pinterest? Or, are you interested in creating an online course to market in a marketplace (Udemy, Skill Share, etc) or sell direct on your own (Teachable), then you are in the right place ma'friend!

In this Meetup, you'll learn from people who are already $ucceeding, the easiest way to get started, how to avoid mistakes, & join a supportive community to help you achieve your goals faster. At each Meetup you'll learn new skills, tools and techniques to fast-track your success! (And each Meetup builds upon the last, so watch the recordings below.)

This is a Masterclass, Bootcamp and Mastermind group all in one. Let's go!!!


If you want to see RECORDINGS of all past Meetups, you can gain access by signing up here and get full access to the Resource Library, including videos, templates, guides and more. (You'll also experience a sales funnel first-hand, which you'll want to integrate into your business):



We call our members "Wize Owls" using the original phonetic spelling of "Wize," not the newer "Wise" (it's not a typo). Because our members are hungry for knowledge, and make meaningful progress under the cover of their day job to turn their passionate "Plan B" into their primary revenue stream. Whooo's with me? ;)

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