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What we’re about

Join us for monthly circles where we channel the Spiritual Realm & Advanced Light Beings from Higher Dimensions for Ancient Teachings on Universal Consciousness, our Soul’s Journey, the Human Existence, the Cosmos & beyond. Energy Healing is also done at all of our circles. 

Blue Soul Circles are part of Blue Soul Earth which was founded by Renee & Anthony who lead monthly circles as well as smaller meet-ups focused on ancient spiritual teachings. What's unique about this duo as that Anthony is a full embodied medium which means that he acts as a vessel for which the deities and ascended masters speak through him (literally) and heal. Renee is an empath & mental medium and acts as a grounding cord and "holds space" when Anthony is in trance.

Together, they channel past lives & soul stream data as a way to impart wisdom about the Soul’s Purpose & Journey as well an ancient teachings. They also bring through higher vibrational energy to heal, align chakras and "upgrade" auric grids. If this sounds a bit confusing, think of it in the simplest of terms.

We are all energy as is all living beings/creatures around us. We have all built up trauma and blockages in our "energetic grids and fields" over time but these blockages can easily be cleared...blockages which don't allow us to live our best selves or move forward in our lives.

 There's also an opportunity to ask questions to the high vibrational energies who come through -- think: soul's purpose, universal consciousness -- what is consciousness & how do we evolve into higher consciousness? -- the human existence, the cosmos, what's beyond this realm, the after-life, human beings capacity to heal vis a vis others in our solar system, etc. Essentially, it's the "stuff" we can't see or hear with our human eyes/ears but know at a deep level, exists. It's the "stuff" beyond what science can currently explain (or is willing to explain). 

If you're curious about a world which goes deeper than what we can currently understand, then this is an incredible place to come to explore, ask questions and engage with like-minded people in a very supportive community setting.


• Teaching: Ascended Masters & Other Advanced Light Beings from other dimensions & realms will come through to teach about our Soul’s Purpose, the Soul’s Journey, the Cosmos, other realms, dimensions, the 5th Dimension and beyond.

• Healing: Light Beings will come thru for individual healing as well as healing for the group as a whole. Your Vibration & Consciousness will be shifted simply by being in the room.

• No-Judgment Community: Together, we will ignite & support each other's Soul's Journey, deepen each other's spiritual connection and consciousness as well as one another's ability to heal as the Spiritual Realm & Higher Dimensions work through us.

Our hope & intent is that you leave feeling renewed & more awake to your Higher Calling & Purpose. All of us have intuitive gifts as well as the ability to heal -- we will help you ignite these inherent gifts from within! They are available to you —- you simply need to know how to access that inner power, which isn't quite as hidden as you may think.

About Our Work: Our mission is to help accelerate global consciousness for those yearning for a deeper exploration of spirituality & to better understand how mindfulness & a spiritual life can transform who we are and everything around us. Find out more at Blue Soul Earth dot com. We're also on Facebook, Instagram (we're super active here) & Twitter. We also post our regular circles and events on our Blue Soul Earth EventBrite page and our videos on our Blue Soul Earth YouTube channel.

There is no religious dogma – all of our work is about embracing everyone’s diverse gifts & honoring all divine walks of life, whether you stem from Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Paganism or perhaps none of the above & you simply meditate, practice yoga and have faith in Mother Earth.

Our healing & teaching events & workshops range from $29-195 depending on length (2.5 hours to 2 days) and what the program entails, as we often team up with sound healers who truly deepen the work we do!