Past Meetup

Testing JavaScript: Remote Control Browsing with Mike Subelsky


Feature Presentation

"Remote Control Browsing with Selenium, PhantomJS, and CasperJS" by Mike Subelsky

Mike will demonstrate how to use these three technologies for webscraping, screen capture, browser simulation, and automated JavaScript testing.

About Mike: I'm a Baltimore-based entrepreneur, web programmer, and devops guy. My tools of choice are Ruby and JavaScript but I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades. In 2007 I co-founded a web startup called, which was acquired in 2012. I also cofounded,,, and

Lightning Talks

"JSLint should be part of your CI" by Nick Gauthier

"Behavior-driven Development with Jasmine" by Dan Martens
Dan will demonstrate how to use Jasmine to do Behavior-driven Development (BBD) for JavaScript-based applications. AJAX request mocking and asynchronous method testing will also be covered.