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Meet and enjoy good food in Boston & New England http://fb.com/bnerv including juice, smoothie, smoothie bowl, salad, entree, dessert, wrap, pasta, burger, pizza, harvest bowl, fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes, fruitarian, raw-vegan, high-raw, rawtill4, 80/10/10, 30BaD, high-carb low-fat, HCLF, superfoods, plant-based, whole food plant based, WFPB, starch-solution, vegan, veg, etc. for health, earth, climate, peace, hunger, animals, etc.

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Facebook: http://fb.com/bnerv

80/10/10: http://811.auraw.com

Starch Solution: http://ss.auraw.com

How Not To Die: http://hnd.auraw.com

Sustainability Secret: http://tss.auraw.com

(Formerly The Boston Raw Food Meetup founded by Daryl Elliott 10/05/2007)

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Revitalive Newburyport

Revitalive Cafe

Meet and enjoy good food. http://www.revitalive.com . http://tannerymarketplace.com . http://fb.com/mvfav

Hearmeraw Vegan Potluck, Open Mic, Yoga, & Dance Hall

Common Street Spiritual Center

Raw fruits and vegetables are encouraged!! You can bring your favorite fruits and vegetables, you do not have to make an extravagant raw vegan dish but you are more than welcome to! The stage will be open so if you play an instrument, sing, dance, write poetry, have a gift or talent or a testimony that you would like to share then this is the place to do so!! No judgment here as we believe all voices deserve to be heard! Hearmeraw is all about community and coming out of our shells. It's about dropping the masks and the roles and being who we truly are which is LOVE. Join us and experience an energy/frequency unlike no other as we all tune into the love vibration within us. You will likely experience a myriad of emotions here and you are welcome to express them all as you will be supported. BRING YOUR YOGA MAT IF YOU HAVE ONE! PICTURES AND VIDEOS FROM PREVIOUS POTLUCKS https://photos.app.goo.gl/vxV54kxJjxyCg2eD3 http://fb.com/hearmeeraw

The Juice Bar NH

The Juice Bar NH

Meet and enjoy good food. http://thejuicebarnh.com http://fb.com/mvfav

Portsmouth Potluck

Needs a location

Meet and share good food in a casual open house setting. Bring fresh fruit, veggies, or raw-vegan or vegan dish. https://www.meetup.com/Portsmouth-Area-Monthly-Raw-Vegan-Potluck

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Dine w/ BVM

Red Lentil Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant

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