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We are a casual group of people who enjoy playing complex board games -- the kind of board games that make you think. We play a variety of games, most of which are Euro style games of medium complexity. Games often last 90 minutes or more and involve juggling a lot of rules and factors in your head, to decide what to do. However, there's also plenty of laughter, friendship and/or trash talking involved. If that sounds up your alley, we hope you'll join us. (RSVPs are required.)

We have a TERRIFIC space for games steps from the Kendall Square T, with easy parking, and lots of room to spread out in. Our meetups happen once a week (alternating Mondays and Wednesdays), from 6:40 pm onwards. Our group has been running since 2007, and we have a large crowd of regulars as well as new members each week.


1. Due to finite space, you must RSVP to attend. If you are having a hard time getting a spot, please send a message to the organizer and we will try to work something out!

2. We ask new members for a one-time donation of $5 towards our site fees. After that, all game nights are completely free! Please make sure you find the organizer to say hi and drop this off.

3. Please save loud and/or big games (like those with real-time arguing) for when the room is less full -- typically we thin out slightly by 10:00. This allows us to accommodate more people, and play a greater variety of games.


We play whatever people bring, which typically includes a lot of Euros. Here's a "tip of the iceberg" look at a few games that have been popular lately:


7 Wonders, Terra Mystica, Race for the Galaxy, Splendor, One Night Werewolf, Le Havre, Hansa Teutonica, Machi Koro, Concordia, Super Big Boggle

As you can see, there is some real variety. (We do play some light games, but if that's the main thing you want to play, please check our "Light Game Night" rather than our main "Not as Light" meetup event!) Our regular attendees bring about 20-30 games between them, so there's always a lot to choose from. But if you have a game you like, just bring it with you!

If you haven't played these kind of games before, but think you'll like them, you're welcome too! But be aware that you are NOT likely to find traditional American games (like Monopoly, Sorry, Risk, or Poker); heavy strategy or negotiation games (like 18xx, wargames, or Diplomacy); or pure abstract games (like Chess).

Finally, a note about Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, and Ticket to Ride. These are traditional "gateway games" that many people play when they first discover Euros. Although you will occasionally find those games at our meetups, many of us have played them to death and have become more interested in games with a little more complexity to them.

Feel free to email with any questions -- we hope to see you at a meetup soon.

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