What we're about

For ya'll who want to enjoy a getaway on a boat ride, this is it! Let's meet up for cold beers, club sandwiches, great music, and the tension-relieving sun and water.

The crowd isn't limited by age, occupation, nationality, nor gender. As long as you're looking to enjoy yourself with a bunch of people from all over the world, and into making friends, you're welcomed.

To be in this party, you must follow some of our rules below.

1. No drugs allowed onboard. This is a healthy event where you can expand your social network, we'd drink some alcoholic beverages but never drugs since they're illegal and cause damages to your body.

2. Be open-minded, here you can learn a lot from people with different backgrounds. The crowd has a diverse profile on many aspects, learn to appreciate various skin tones, jobs, languages, personalities... etc. The more open-minded you are, the more fun you will have with us.

3. RELAX. Forget about work and all other problems on your mind, you're here to chill and make friends. So put on a big smile and lay back, get a tan, jump off the roof into the clear cool water, talk to people, nap in the cabin... whatever you do, just relax!


Since we don't have a fixed venue for we have to book a boat every time a party is hosted, time and place to head out, cost, food and drinks... etc. might be different each time, so pay close attention to each event's description in case you miss something.

Due to the boat company's policy, there will be a deposit upfront to book a boat. So you will sign up and pay the admission, when we collect enough heads to start a party, we'll go for it, otherwise your deposit will be returned.

Past events (9)

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Officially Summer Junk Party (Paused)

Sai Kung Pier

Mass Fun Junk Party (FULL)

Sai Kung Pier

Epic 50 Person Junk Boat Party

Central Pier 10

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