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Meet an exclusive group of local entrepreneurs that are focused on success and growth in their businesses and lives. Once a month we offer a high quality gathering which enables members to share tips, problem solving techniques, get advice on profitability and discuss mentoring and business models. Each month we focus on a different business topic and every once in a while we host a social gathering. We spend time doing interactive exercises in focus groups and we bring in high quality keynote speakers to share their wisdom. You are always guaranteed a good time! Throughout the month we offer various business growth trainings and seminars in addition to our monthly Entrepreneur Meetup. Membership is FREE, you just pay for the events or trainings that you attend. Being part of this group will:

Put you in front of the people that make things happen
Help you reach your business goals
Re-enforce the power of leverage
Enable you to cultivate new strategic alliances and friends
Keep you focused on your plan of action
Teach you how to acquire sponsors to fund your business
Give you the tools and training necessary for extreme growth

We are committed to your growth and success....Kellie Kuecha and Cliff Moitt

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SPARK APRIL Women's Mastermind Luncheon

Ruth's Chris Steak House


Finally! An intimate gathering for women to wine, dine and mastermind with a core focus on INNOVATION, CREATIVITY and MINDFULNESS happening right here in Boca Raton! The Yummy Messy Road to Reinvention wasn’t meant to be traveled alone! We are living in an era where community, collaboration and accountability are the keys to sustainability! Women are the lifeblood each other’s success! One new SPARK in the form of an idea, a connection, or perspective can change the entire trajectory of your life! All you have to do is be intentional about who, what, where and how you will dedicate your time! SPARK is your long awaited answer! Why it feels incredibly difficult to reinvent in today’s market: · You do what you do creatively well for others but struggle in doing it for yourself · Everywhere you turn you find hundreds of people now occupying your niche and being seen and heard feels next to impossible in the vast sea of noise · You feel swept away in more of the same marketing, branding and sales methods used in the world of business today and you incessantly wonder how you will carve a piece in the marketplace all your own · The thought of reinventing seems daunting because the learning curve and risk feels far greater than ever before · Innovation seems to be moving faster than you can keep up with · You are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of knowledge and number of coaches required to stay up to date and relevant I know. I get it and I made a list or myself of all the skills I was going to need to acquire in moving my business forward. Here are just a few of the dozens of skills needed today to SPARK a reinvention: o Facebook ads training o Instagram training o Hashtag training o Pinterest Training o Linkedin Training o Twitter Training o Photography Training o Blog Training o Podcast Training o Ad word Training o Website Training o Storytelling Training o Videography Training o Lighting, Diva Lamps and Filters o Branding o Marketing o Sales trainings o Copywriting o Events to attend o Launch Training o Speaker Training o Course Creation Training o Webinar Training o Sales Funnels o Graphic Design o Email Marketing Training o Hosting Events Training o Mindset Coach o Virtual Assistants o New photos, logos, concepts and more! And even if you delegate all these things, you still have to know what to look and ask for and you’re at the mercy of many different coaches, technicians and designers! Not to mention the enormous budget required to do so! I have found that often all this knowledge leaves you often over-trained with little production and a lot of overwhelm and frustration. Most always, by the time you’ve made it all the way up any coaches’ funnel to get the real one-on-one help you need, you’ve spent a small fortune and several years of your life, only to have to reinvent again because of the ever evolving landscape of our world. I see you. I feel you. And I am here to help! I have been down this long lonely path myself and it’s my mission to ensure no Woman ever has to find herself lost in transition on her road to reinvention! SPARK is a one of a kind model that’s never been created before until now. Why? Because it was birthed out of my own hardships and challenges that I faced in starting again. Even with decades of speaking, coaching, event creation both large and small, a large social following and tons of sales, marketing and branding expertise - I too was faced with figuring out how to begin again. Some days all I wished for was for someone to take me by the hand and just show me the first step. Welcome to SPARK! A women’s exclusive mastermind focused on innovation, creativity and mindfulness! Allow our community to support you in reigniting the light in your life and business! Don’t wait another minute! Grab your seat by going to www.SPARKintheCity.com and get ready to Ignite a R(evolution)!

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SPARK March Women's Mastermind Luncheon

Ruth's Chris Steak House


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