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What we’re about

What is holistic healing for your brain health?

Studies have repeatedly proven that physical exercise, yoga and meditation have profound benefits in maintaining a healthy brain.

Our unique exercise that best highlights this technique is Brain Wave Vibration, which integrates movement and focus to produce a deep sense of relaxed concentration by using the technic combination of Ki and Taichi.

We will focus on the 2nd Chakra which is called "Dahn Jon". It is located along your spine about 2 inches below your belly button. It deals with issues of self-worth, creativity, relationships, pleasure and sexuality and it is blocked and weakened by self-criticism and guilt. We will help you to open the 2nd Chakra to receive positive energy.

As your body sinks into the rhythm and movement of your body, you will naturally bring your mind inward and release tension through deep and even breathing. Let's enjoy beautiful morning with us to bring youre energy!

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