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Our spiritual evolution approaches, and as we awaken and connect to our higher selves, Bohemian Woman Rising (BWR) will be a knowledge and resource sanctuary for women and men interested in a conscious pursuit at balancing and connecting to their higher selves.

Let’s celebrate our inner and outer beauty through meditation, Reiki healing, learning circles, crafting, ritual, and health and wellness initiatives. The time is now for redirecting our external focus inward!

There are innumerable thought leaders conveying knowledge about spiritual evolution and living your best life. BWR will delve into the practical application of said tenets. Appreciating folks assimilate information differently, we will offer different venues to get at the same basic information on a given topic, i.e., online book readings, internet resources, movies, crafting, ritual, etc.

BWR’s mission is also that of restoring subordinated knowledge around the topics of the sacred divine and women’s intellectual contributions. The loss of this literary canon has been at a great moral and emotional expense to both women and men, resulting in unbalanced experiential lifestyles: as we continue to labor under historically skewed and misrepresentative information about cultural and social roles.

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