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What we’re about

****Note: What's the twist?-

Instead of everyone agreeing to read one book for a meeting, we each read whatever we want, then share it with the rest of the group every alternate meeting. Our discussions are always fresh and interesting! Those who don't have a book to share but want a recommendation for their next read are also welcome to join. Then we vote on the discussed books and the book with highest votes gets discussed further in the subsequent meeting.

Books we talk about cover just about anything. Some example topics include: the history of salt, a man lost at sea, why some technological developments should make us optimistic about the future, creativity at Pixar, neuroplasticity, biotechnology, American sub-cultures, biographies, the economics, geography and biology underpinning the development of the New World, the politics of mental illness, harnessing a positive mental attitude, the changing role of the policies in US & Canada, walking the trail, communication in the workplace, and much much much much more.****

The aim here is to establish a group of independent readers in the GTA who are curious about everything. Have you read an interesting book lately? Come and tell us about it! This relaxed and friendly book group is for those who enjoy reading books, asking questions, and having thought provoking, fun discussions on a wide variety of topics. Read whatever you want, then come and spend a few minutes discussing it with us. No formal book reports required, promise :). Paper books, e-books and audio books are all considered books for the purposes of this group.

Let's talk about the books you've been reading.

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